Democratic Congresswoman Under Fire After Making Racist Suggestion About Illegal Aliens

A prominent Democrat is lashing out at Gov. Ron DeSantis for his immigration policies, but her comment immediately backfired. On Wednesday, a video emerged of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Florida speaking to MSNBC about DeSantis’ new policy preventing companies from hiring illegal immigrants. She said that without illegal immigrants working, Florida’s economy would tank, and sensationally claimed that “you’re going to have vegetables rotting in the fields” as a result of DeSantis’s policies. This immediately caused a backlash on Twitter, with many pointing out that this is just par for the course for Democrats, who often justify illegal immigration on the grounds that they perform most of the country’s manual labor. Many people compared Rep. Schultz’s comment to those of Kelly Osbourne, then-co-host of “The View,” who asked Donald Trump regarding immigration “Who is going to be cleaning your toilet?” First off, why do we need to rely on illegal immigrants to do all the manual labor, such as cleaning homes or picking vegetables? There are many Americans who are looking for work who would gladly take those roles. Second, does the left think that the only thing immigrants are good for is lowly manual labor? For all their talk about how immigrants bring such wonderful benefits to the country, and how many of them are smart, skilled, and talented, they seem to have a very different role for immigrants in mind. Schultz does not see the immigrants as potential doctors and lawyers, instead, she sees them as a cheap source of labor that can be exploited to easily fill job openings. Her argument is very similar to the one that the Confederacy made in order to justify the continuation of slavery, that it was a necessary evil in order to prevent the economy from collapsing. Does she really see the immigrants as little better than slaves? The thing is, the left always claims to be the party that loves and cares about immigrants, but in reality, they are just interested in exploiting the immigrants for their own benefit at the expense of the American people. Schultz just demonstrated that very mindset and people are right to call her out on it. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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