Democrat Strategist: ‘Preachy Females’ to Blame for Biden’s Bad Polling Numbers

Democrat Strategist: ‘Preachy Females’ to Blame for Biden’s Bad Polling Numbers

When writer Carl Golden sought to sum up the Biden campaign, the result was hardly flattering.

Biden is “floundering — directionless, unable to formulate a coherent second term vision and battered by a series of national polls that place his public standing at historic low levels for an incumbent president seeking re-election,” he wrote in the Journal-Courier.

Democratic strategist James Carville thinks that too many helpings of bitter Democratic scoldings are partly to blame.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Carville sounded off on what the Times called the Biden campaign “bleeding Black male voters.”

“A suspicion of mine is that there are too many preachy females” sending the party’s messages, he said.

“‘Don’t drink beer. Don’t watch football. Don’t eat hamburgers. This is not good for you.’ The message is too feminine: ‘Everything you’re doing is destroying the planet. You’ve got to eat your peas,’” he said.

“If you listen to Democratic elites — NPR is my go-to place for that — the whole talk is about how women, and women of color, are going to decide this election. I’m like: ‘Well, 48 percent of the people that vote are males. Do you mind if they have some consideration?’” Carville said.

Carville said liberal rules have made society a miserable place.

“No one wants to live like this,” he said.

“Whoever thought it was a good idea to tell people you can’t hug them or you’ve got to be careful or you’ve got to think about names to call them other than the name you know them by? There’s nothing wrong with me being white or you being white or them being Black or me being male or you being female. It’s a giant, stupid argument,” he said.

Carville said too many liberals want it only their way.

“There are a lot of people on the left that would rather lose and be pure because it makes them feel good, it makes them feel superior,” Carville said.

During the interview, he said it was absurd to claim President Joe Biden’s age is not an issue.

“If you do a focus group. the first thing out of anybody’s mouth is ‘Old,’ so how do you say we’re going to act like this doesn’t exist?” he said.

Among the one-liners Carville spewed in the interval, he touched on Vice President Kamala Harris.

“She reminds me of this great baseball player. He got arms that big. Can’t wait to see the guy. He takes three pitches and walks back to the dugout,” he said.

A question about Biden’s polling numbers drew this response: “When I look at these polling numbers, it’s like walking in on your grandma naked. You can’t get the image out of your mind.”

Last week, Biden’s campaign tried out the nickname “Broke Don” on Trump, hoping to emulate the success of Trump’s campaign nicknames. The jab reflected Trump’s troubles dealing with a $464 million bond due Monday after he lost a civil fraud trial in New York state.

Political strategist Ashley Hayek criticized the tactic, according to Fox News.

“Crooked Joe’s campaign just can’t keep up. Not only does he fail at mocking Teflon Don, he highlights his own department’s illegal seizure of the Trump empire, reminding Americans of the alarming overreach by his administration.” Hayek said.

“Gallup polling shows that 66 percent of Americans view the DOJ negatively, [which is] purely a reflection of his failure of leadership. Biden would be better off running from the basement again,” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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