Democrat Who Pulled Fire Alarm Has Tantrum on House Floor

Democrat Who Pulled Fire Alarm Has Tantrum on House Floor

A race-monger and a liar had a moral lesson for House Republicans.

On Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York — one of the far-left so-called “Squad” members — scolded Republicans for more than a minute and suggested that their decision to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — another “Squad” member — stemmed from their own lack of “diversity.”

Readers might recognize Bowman as the Democrat who pulled a fire alarm in the Cannon Office Building in September. That act delayed a crucial vote that Democrats, according to the New York Times, had hoped to stall.

Initially, Bowman’s representatives claimed that the congressman mistakenly triggered the alarm while hurrying to vote on time. Bowman himself later made the same claim.

“I want to personally clear up confusion surrounding today’s events,” the congressman said in a statement. “Today, as I was rushing to make a vote, I came to a door that is usually open for votes but today would not open.”

He lied. In fact, video surveillance footage released in October showed Bowman removing warning signs before setting off the alarm and then walking away from the door without even trying to open it.

Keep in mind Bowman’s hellish dishonesty — both in triggering the alarm and then covering his actions with a lie — when you watch him lecture House Republicans from what he regarded as the moral high ground.

On Tuesday, 22 Democrats joined Republicans in censuring Tlaib for “promoting false narratives” and “calling for the destruction of the state of Israel.”

Predictably, however, Bowman framed the censure resolution in racial terms.

The New York congressman first defended Tlaib, not as a Hamas supporter or anti-Semite, but as “the only Palestinian-American in U.S. history to serve in this body.”

Having established Tlaib’s ethnic heritage — the only fact that matters to a race-monger — Bowman then committed a typical logical fallacy. He insisted that only people who look a certain way can relate to others who look the same way.

“Without her voice, we would lack even more empathy for the people of Palestine,” he said.

Then, Bowman predictably accused Republicans of lacking that empathy due to skin color.

“This body needs empathy and compassion for all people, not just people that look like the majority of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle,” the repellent congressman said.

It got worse.

“And maybe because of your lack of diversity, you lack the cognitive and emotional ability to recognize diverse opinions when they speak truth to power. And you absolutely need to open up your mind to other people and other experiences, especially when they are Muslim, and when they are women, and when they are people of color,” he added.

The New York congressman shared a clip of his speech Tuesday on social media.

The Nazis believed that “race” dictated everything. So does Bowman.

Consider, for instance, what he implied in a photo posted to social media platform X on Tuesday. “What do you notice about this picture?” he tweeted.

The picture showed new Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson surrounded by colleagues. Everyone in the picture happened to be white — a fact few would notice, unless prompted by a known race-monger’s question.

Again, Nazis thought that way.

Fortunately, we might comfort ourselves by recalling that all prominent Nazis qualified as intellectual mediocrities. So does Bowman.

Of course, this has not stopped Bowman from developing an exaggerated sense of his own credentialed importance.

In fact, on social media, the New York congressman calls himself “Representative Jamaal Bowman Ed.D.” Apparently, he takes his degree seriously. If so, then he is the male Jill Biden, the equally unimpressive first lady who insists on being called “Doctor.” That pretension earned her a mocking commentary from the Wall Street Journal.

An intellectual lightweight and a moral fraud, the race-mongering Bowman has no business lecturing anyone.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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