Dem Rep Opens Can of Worms After Saying Impeachment Shouldn’t be Used ‘for Revenge’

Dem Rep Opens Can of Worms After Saying Impeachment Shouldn’t be Used ‘for Revenge’

Sometimes the utter lack of self-awareness shown by died-hard leftists can be truly breathtaking, no matter how much we’ve come to expect it.

Demonstrating this phenomenon this week is Democrat Representative for Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee, who decided to run her mouth about the impeachment inquiries against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, commenting that impeachment “is not a tool meant to be used for revenge.”

But, first some context: Over the past few weeks, the House GOP has moved to begin an impeachment inquiry against Mayorkas over his disastrous mishandling of the current border crisis.

While Democrats have ridiculed Republicans for supposedly embarking on a “witch hunt,” and accused them of callousness in their aggressive border policies and refusal to sign off on a bill authorizing yet more spending to “secure the border,” the House GOP has moved forward undeterred with their impeachment inquiries against Mayorkas.

According to a report in Fox News, the “House Homeland Security Committee met Tuesday to advance two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas … A vote is expected to take place later in the day … moving the articles to a House vote at a future date.”

Jackson Lee is on the Homeland Security Committee. In a social media post on Tuesday, she shared a video of her comments during the impeachment hearings where she claimed that “we are being fooled that work is being done against an individual for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“The American people understand that that is not the actions that we are here for today. Revenge, vengefulness, is why we are here. Otherwise, they would understand that Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is an individual whose family fled the Nazis and then Cuba before arriving here in the U.S.”

She continued, reminding her colleagues that he “is the first immigrant to serve as head of the Department of Homeland Security, and yet, this committee seeks to suggest that he is violating the Constitution, when in essence, his freedom is based upon our Constitution.”

That’s nice, Representative, but aren’t politicians of any stripe notorious for having “rules for me and not for thee?”

Anyway, she retweeted the video with her infamous caption, “Impeachment is not meant as a tool to be used for revenge. #RevengeImpeachment.”

Where to even begin?

Aaron Ray Hermes, a Republican running for the GOP nomination to challenge Jackson Lee in Texas’ 18th Congressional District, wasted no time in calling her out, retweeting her remark and commenting, “Oh so wanting to protect the country is just ‘revenge’ now? … Then why did you impeach Trump for making a perfectly valid phone call in 2019?”

And Hermes had plenty of company:

As usual, it seems that Democrats only care about whether impeachment is used for revenge or just purposes if their own people are the target.

In Democratic eyes, former President Bill Clinton was unfairly targeted for taking advantage of a young, female White House intern in the 1990s, then lying about it on national television — and under oath.

To Democrats, President Joe Biden is an innocent victim accused of the crime of “helping” his poor son, and Mayorkas’ impeachment is fueled by some unspecific Republican “revenge.”

But Donald Trump, who was twice impeached for offenses he did not commit, or for actions that were grossly twisted out of context?

Why, the Democrats then were only trying to “preserve our democracy” (how they do love that phrase) from the “threat” of a “tyrant” like Trump.

The hypocrisy on display from folks like Representative Jackson Lee is nothing short of sickening.

It was crystal clear to Americans with their eyes open that Trump’s impeachments were motivated by nothing other than revenge, revenge for his having the audacity to win the 2016 election.

The Democratic push to persecute Trump, which is still ongoing in the flimsy criminal cases against him, is motivated almost entirely by a perverse desire for revenge.

That Jackson Lee can seriously accuse her colleagues of using impeachment as a form of revenge, without acknowleging that Democrats themselves used impeachment as a revenge against Trump is simply appalling.

We expect politicians, especially Democrats, to express a profound lack of self-awareness at this point, but Jackson Lee’s is almost unprecedented.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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