Dem Disaster Poll: Not Only Does Trump Beat Biden, Trump Wallops Biden Replacements

Dem Disaster Poll: Not Only Does Trump Beat Biden, Trump Wallops Biden Replacements

A MAGA wave seems to be sweeping across the country.

Not only is polling pointing toward former President Donald Trump getting a considerable win in the 2024 election against incumbent President Joe Biden, but the New York businessman also successfully polls considerable higher against potential replacements for the declining Delaware politician.

A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports asked 912 likely U.S. voters who they would pick in an election.

It began by showing the results of a Biden versus Trump November match-up.

Trump managed to win by a considerable margin, garnering 49 percent versus 41 percent for Biden.

Notably, the gap had widened from the previous month’s poll, which had the former president leading by only six percent, so Trump’s margin has only increased.

His success was far from over in this poll.

Trump managed to get a considerable win against California Governor Gavin Newsom, a popular choice to replace Biden on the Democratic ticket.

In the polls, the former president garnered 51 percent while the California politician trailed behind with just 34 percent, a massive gap between the two.

Even Michelle Obama, who many consider to be a potential saving grace for the Democratic ticket in 2024, as Newsweek reported, still lost by a decent margin.

Trump managed to get 50 percent support while the former first lady trailed at 43 percent.

The most impressive part is that the New York businessman not only managed to secure the overall win against all competitors when considering all voters, but when including only independents, he once again successfully won — by even higher margins.

Only considering potential independent voters, Trump was up 12 percent against Biden, an immense 19 percent against Newsom and 8 percent against Michelle Obama — all larger margins than the overall polls.

It’s unsurprising that support would be rallying behind the former Republican president.

When comparing the previous administration to the one Americans are currently dealing with, it’s not even close in quality.

Trump secured the border, added millions of jobs into the economy and held strong foreign relations with even enemies of the United States.

In contrast, Biden has allowed a border crisis to occur, seen record inflation not witnessed since the Carter administration, and has completely ruined foreign relations, between allies and enemies alike.

With such a disastrous presidency, it’s no wonder why polling is swinging so far to the side of Republicans or why Democrats are having to pull out all the stops to even hope to stand a chance in November.

Unfortunately for them, the die has already been cast.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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