Dashcam: Fleeing Suspect Falls Out of and Gets Hit by Own Car After State Police Ram Him Head-On

A high-speed car chase in Arkansas left two vehicles badly damaged, and the suspect barely avoiding a serious injury from his own car. The chase took place on Nov. 22 and involved three troopers with the Arkansas State Police, according to KATV. The chase began when Sgt. Jeff Preston clocked a vehicle doing 90 mph in a 75-mph zone. Preston hit the lights and sirens, and a chase began, according to video posted on YouTube.

WARNING: The following video contains content and vulgar language some viewers may find disturbing.

The chase zipped down I-530, with the cars hitting speeds of up to 140 mph. But when the driver left the interstate at Exit 35, the vehicle went out of control, hitting a section of concrete guardrail. [firefly_poll] The car slid to a stop in a cloud of dust as Trooper First Class Darryle Hinton blocked part of the road. The ending of the chase was captured on the dashcam of Arkansas State Trooper Terrell Pratt. The driver had his door open as Pratt’s vehicle moved around Hinton’s patrol car and crashed head-on into the Camaro police had been chasing. The impact flung the driver out of the car. The driver then hit the pavement as the door appeared to strike him on the back. After it passed, while still on his knees, the driver raised his hands in surrender. “I tried to stop,” Pratt can be heard saying after he left his vehicle. He later said, “I’m wrecked out. I’m wrecked out, sarge,” after examining the Camaro to determine no one else was in the car. Police later found four unopened containers of an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. Tyrese Lancaster, 19, has been named as the driver of the Camaro. Lancaster was booked for fleeing-in vehicle, the substantial danger of death, misdemeanor citation, speeding 1 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, reckless driving, no seat belt, and the possession or purchase of alcohol by minor, according to KATV. “Thankfully, no one was injured, but this video does highlight the dangers first responders face when pursuing a suspect,” Jarryd Neves wrote on Carbuzz. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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