Dana Loesch Exposes the Truth About the ‘Fictional World’ of ‘Palestine’ with One Word

Dana Loesch Exposes the Truth About the ‘Fictional World’ of ‘Palestine’ with One Word

Conservative activist and talk show host Dana Loesch has a well-earned reputation for destroying the left with logic — and humor.

Whether it’s using history lessons to torch liberals with a fetish for gun control or taking on turncoat former Trump White House staffers, she’s been proving for years she doesn’t back away from a fight, and tends to win them handily.

She put both logic and humor to work on Monday responding to an offbeat social media question with a one-word answer that demolished a key leftist argument in the Israel-Hamas war with a point too many American commentators don’t even consider.

The question was posted to the social media platform X by Historic Vids, an account that publishes “daily history lessons” on topics ranging from ancient India to the Sistine Chapel of Renaissance Italy to gymnast Nadia Comaneci’s legendary performance at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

The site also delves into the whimsical, too, which is where Loesch came in.

“If you could visit any fictional world, where would you go?” the account asked.

“Palestine,” Loesch replied.

It’s a one-word summation of the absurdity of too much establishment media coverage of the current war in the Middle East — and the long-running conflict it’s a part of.

Supporters of Palestinians tend to pretend there’s a place called “Palestine,” an imaginary counterweight to the very real country of Israel.

“Palestine” has a flag. “The State of Palestine” is recognized by the United Nations with “observer” status — the same designation as the Vatican.

And it has countless millions of ignorant supporters the world over — such as the increasingly annoying, way-past-her-shelf-life climate activist Greta Thurnberg — who are apparently convinced there is such a place.

But it doesn’t exist in reality. And while it might not be quite as imaginary as Hogwarts, Narnia or Galt’s Gulch (to name some of the other responses to the History Vids query) it’s also not an actual country, the kind with borders, a government and laws.

Loesch’s followers loved it.

There’s a good reason that “Palestine” is basically the Middle Earth of the Middle East, while Israel is a functioning nation that has survived for decades in the face of unremitting hostility from its neighbors as well as the wider world.

Israelis have spent the 75 years since the Jewish state’s founding building it up — economically, educationally and militarily.

There’s no question the U.S. government and American supporters of Israel contributed greatly to that — Jewish groups and individuals as well as gentiles — but the fact is that a country is built by its people. Israel was proving that even before it declared statehood and was immediately invaded by surrounding Arab armies.


Israel is doing the same thing now as it was in 1948 — fighting for the lives of its people and its right to exist.

Palestinians, meanwhile, convinced by Arab leaders to leave the land during the 1948 war, have been adrift for the same period of time, refused admittance by Arab countries that would prefer to use millions of people as political pawns against Israel — and “refugee camps” as a running sore in geopolitics.

Supported by a United Nations agency devoted solely to providing for their welfare, Palestinians in their millions have become basically poor relations on a global scale, whose main contribution to the world tends to be headlines about the latest massacre of innocent human beings committed in their name.

There is no country of “Palestine” and there won’t be until Palestinians and their supporters in Arab countries and the misguided West accept the reality that a country is built by a people capable of doing it and motivated to do it. A people ruled by terrorist thugs like Hamas and its West Bank counterpart, Hezbollah, will never be either.

And their country will always be as fictional as it is now.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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