Country Star’s Son Robbed of All of His Equipment in Blue City Right Before Concert

Country Star’s Son Robbed of All of His Equipment in Blue City Right Before Concert

Lukas Nelson, the son of legendary country music singer Willie Nelson, said his musical equipment was stolen just before him and his band were set to play a show in Seattle on Tuesday.

The singer of the band Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real pleaded with anyone in the city who might have known the thieves who took his stuff to help him get it back on his social media pages early Tuesday evening.

Nelson said that he would play Tuesday’s show with rented equipment but that he desperately wanted his gear back — which was missing after someone stole his vehicle Monday night.

“Bad news,” the singer told his followers on Instagram, “our truck with all of our equipment got stolen last night out of the hotel near Seattle.”

“We’ve got rental equipment now, and we will play the show tonight, but if you’re in the Seattle area and you hear about any guitars being pawned or sold — my 1956 Les Paul Junior, my ’64 335 and my custom Nacho tele are all in there,” Nelson said.

“We have a lot of other equipment that’s in there as well,” he added.


Nelson said other items that were missing included steel and bass guitars.

“Please, if you have any information, email,” he added. “I appreciate your help.”

Later on Tuesday, the singer posted an update about the theft on Instagram in which he stated, “They found the truck. … Thank y’all so much.”

Nelson said police found the truck with almost all of the equipment still locked up in the back.

Only a few items were missing, and the singer said all of them were replaceable.

Nelson and his band are currently on tour out West with a show in Portland, Oregon, scheduled for Wednesday night.

The band will spend the next several weeks playing shows in California, Nevada and Arizona before heading to Texas and other states in the South and Midwest after March 11.

Vehicle and property crimes in parts of Seattle have skyrocketed recently.

KOMO-TV reported on Tuesday that numerous businesses in the city have recently been targeted by car thieves who use stolen vehicles to gain entry into businesses.

The thieves ram the cars or trucks into buildings, so they can access valuables and cash.

Per the outlet, 16 such incidents have been reported within just the past few months.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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