Country Artist Blasts ‘Keyboard Warriors’ Going After Aldean, Dedicates Song to All the Haters

A country star used a concert last week to send a message to the mob going after fellow artist Jason Aldean. Aldean has recently found himself on the receiving end of the leftist hate machine after he released a music video for his new song “Try That in a Small Town.” The song and the music video skewered the riots and civic unrest plaguing America’s cities. Naturally, leftists, who have been giving criminals a pass for political reasons, directed all their vitriol against the singer, claiming that the song and the video promoted “racism” and “violence.” At the same time, however, there are just as many people who have public come out in support of Aldean. One of those is fellow country artist Brantley Gilbert, who, during a concert in Texas on Thursday, sent a message to the mob going after Aldean by dedicating a song to them, according to Newsweek. “We’ve got a bunch of keyboard warriors hiding behind cell phones and laptops talking s***,” Gilbert told the crowd, implying that the woke mobsters were cowards for hiding behind their screens to slam Aldean. “I got a little p***** about this Aldean thing going on and I decided I was going to say some s*** back,” he said. “Then I realized I don’t have the passwords to any of my social media because I’m a liability.” Instead, Gilbert decided to send his message to the haters another way. “So I decided to write them son’ b****** a song …,” he said. “This one’s called ‘Bury Me Upside Down.'”

Warning: The following video contains graphic language that could disturb some viewers.

One Twitter user applauded him for his public statement in support of Aldean, saying, “This is how it’s done.” The chorus of the song perfectly encapsulates how Gilbert feels Aldean and others should respond to all the haters: “You bury me upside down / Right in the heart of this old town / Here lies a man with one thing left to say / You put my middle fingers up / To all the folks that said I’s trash / Bury me upside down, so the world can kiss my a**.” [firefly_poll] Gilbert’s message echoes the words of other music stars and others who have come out in support of Aldean. For instance, rocker Ted Nugent called Aldean’s critics “idiots.” Aldean even received support from South Dakota’s Gov. Kristi Noem, who offered him the chance to play a concert outside of the governor’s mansion if he ever decided to visit. On Friday, country star Cody Johnson used a concert appearance to give Aldean a public hat-tip, and the crowd roared its approval. While it is indeed encouraging to see so many people come out in support of Aldean, it is also frustrating that they even have to say anything in the first place. Nothing about what Aldean said should be controversial. He was merely amplifying a sentiment shared by the vast majority of Americans, who are tired of seeing their cities descend into chaos and want real change. [ic_related] Far from being the “racist” and “violent” song that the left claims it is, it is actually the exact opposite. It is an anti-crime message that everyone should be able to get behind. Jason Aldean may be receiving hate from the left, but it is clear that the vast majority of sane people are on his side. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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