Costume of the Year? Joe Biden Halloween Viral Video Trend Goes Bonkers on the Internet

Dressing up like Joe Biden appeared to be a popular Halloween costume choice this season, but not for the reasons the president would like. People wore Ronald Reagan masks at Halloween when I was a kid, but it seemed to be mostly because people liked him. Reagan was re-elected in 1984, winning 49 of the 50 states. The FiveThirtyEight daily poll tracker showed the current president with 53.0 percent disapproval compared with 39.5 percent approval on Wednesday, so he does not appear to be heading for a landslide victory. Kids wearing Joe Biden masks on Halloween were doing so to make fun of him. One video that went viral on social media showed some boys dressed up like Secret Service agents trying to help a pretend Biden up some steps. After Biden slipped, the boys picked him and and exhorted him, “One step, Mr. President.” And when he made it, the boys cheered and clapped: “Good job, Mr. President.” However, he then started to turn the wrong way, so they grabbed a hold of him and said, “This way, Mr. President.” Other footage showed a person dressed up as Biden veering off the sidewalk and falling. He then brushed himself off and continued on.
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In another viral video, a kid in a Biden costume can be seen wandering all over the place as his Secret Service agents try to steer him right. The “president” walked up to a woman and said, “Good afternoon.” She responded, “It’s evening, sir.” He then walked over and tried to smell her, something the real Biden has been known to do. The woman laughed and told him, “No, no, no, do not smell me.”
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The Biden videos had millions of views on X and TikTok. Just last month, the real Biden stumbled multiple times as he tried to take the stage at an event in Philadelphia. He’s also had problems with the steps of Air Force One since becoming president. And, of course, Biden’s penchant for smelling children and women’s hair and inappropriate touching is well-documented. There has been an uptick in young men identifying themselves as conservative, while those saying they are moderate or liberal has gone down since Biden took office, according to the Survey Center on American Life. The 80-year-old president arrived in Washington in 1973 as a U.S. senator, so he’s had a long run. Not a good run, but a long one. If even youths are more or less saying by their Halloween antics, “You’re not up to the job,” it’s probably time for Biden to hang it up.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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