Conservatives Call on GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel to Resign After Brutal Election Day

Conservatives Call on GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel to Resign After Brutal Election Day

Tuesday’s special elections have come and largely gone — and there is a growing contingency of Republicans who would like to see the head of the Republican National Committee go with them.

While the GOP picked up wins here and there on Tuesday, most political observers considered it a good night for Democrats.

To wit, despite notching a surprise win in a New Hampshire mayoral race and painting Long Island red, Republicans also lost the Kentucky gubernatorial race and saw the Virginia House of Delegates turn blue.

To many Republicans, the underperformance has become an unacceptable trend as of late, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is facing the brunt of the backlash.

A cursory search for “Ronna McDaniel” on social media yields a number of negative comments, with the positive and supportive remarks being very few and far between.

Political pundit and podcast host Monica Crowley didn’t mince words.

“What, exactly, does Ronna McDaniel do, besides lose?” Crowley posted on Wednesday. “The only thing she SHOULD do is RESIGN. Effective immediately.”

“Ronna McDaniel remaining RNC chair is a joke,” another social media pundit wrote.

Other conservative voices piled on McDaniel.

“Last night’s election results were a disappointment. And it’s tied directly to GOP leadership,” one user wrote.

For Republicans who have lost patience with McDaniel, the important follow-up question is whether anything will come of this latest round of furor.

The last time McDaniel had to stave off a wave of frustrated Republicans, California lawyer Harmeet Dhillon crushed her in polling — only to come up short when the results really mattered.

McDaniel was elected to serve a fourth term as RNC chair in January. She told Fox News at the time that she will not seek a fifth term.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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