Congressman Does What Biden Won’t, Rescues 10 Americans from Haiti Amid Chaos

Congressman Does What Biden Won’t, Rescues 10 Americans from Haiti Amid Chaos

For American citizens trapped in the increasingly anarchistic situation nation of Haiti, the Biden administration is continuing a deplorable pattern begun during the withdrawal from Afghanistan back in 2021.

Namely, in the words of the Republican Rep. Cory Mills of Florida, that pattern is a “pattern of abandonment.”

Thankfully for a few lucky souls, however, Mills took action to rescue stranded Americans in Haiti, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Mills, a veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq before getting elected to the House in 2023, helped organize a rescue mission for 10 American citizens working at the Have Faith Haiti orphanage in Port-au-Prince following the resignation of Haitian president Ariel Henry.

One of those rescued was Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom, according to a report by the Detroit News. Albom and his wife were visiting the orphanage run by his charity when the situation became dire.

This isn’t the first time Mills has organized rescue missions for Americans trapped in war-torn countries while the Biden administration seemingly did nothing.

In 2021, he rescued fellow Americans from Afghanistan following the U.S.’s disastrous withdrawal from that country. In 2023 he organized a rescue mission for Americans trapped in Israel after travel to and from that country was shut down.

As Mills told Fox News, “There’s a clear pattern of abandonment. Yet again, this group was left behind by Biden and his State Department after requesting their help in-country.”

Mills said the Haiti rescue mission “reiterates a disturbing reality under President Biden’s leadership: American lives are continually jeopardized.”

“I have led missions to rescue Americans multiple times when Joe Biden has deserted them.”

GOP Rep. Lisa McClain told The Detroit News that eight of the 10 people rescued were from Michigan. McClain told the news outlet she had learned about Albom’s situation Saturday from a constituent and immediately started making calls to help.

She contacted Mills, who had previously worked with her on the Afghanistan rescue.

McClain was especially involved in this rescue effort because several of the stranded Americans live in her district.

This time, as in the past, Biden administration again wasted no time evacuating the bureaucrats and their families from the U.S. embassy and ignored desperate pleas from the trapped citizens, leaving them to fend for themselves.

“The State Department’s answer was to sign up for a notification system and wait for alerts,” McClain told Fox. “They offered no real assistance, no opportunities to be rescued, and no plan whatsoever.”

Fortunately, at least some of these citizens are blessed to have representatives who genuinely care for American citizens, but what about the rest?

Mills and McClain can’t airlift every stranded American out of Haiti, Afghanistan or Israel — not without the resources the State Department could and should provide.

Why does Biden’s administration spend so much time and so many resources on illegal immigrants while abandoning American families to volatile and often incredibly dangerous situations — situations that, in some cases, like the U.S.’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Joe Biden himself created?

Why won’t his administration take responsibility for the citizens they are supposedly sworn to protect?

It’s disturbing that Biden has now dealt with four international crises in one term, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Israel and now Haiti.

But, as Mills told Fox, it’s even more disturbing that, for each international crisis, innocent Americans caught in the crossfires are barely thought of at all.

It’s a disgrace to Biden and his administration that they care more about funding foreign wars and supporting the rights of illegal immigrants in the U.S. than they do for American citizens trapped in war-torn countries through no fault of their own.

We’ve all known for a long time that Biden and his administration don’t care about ordinary Americans.

A situation like this is just another blunt reminder of that fact.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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