Comedian’s Wife Caught Flipping Trump Off Behind His Back

Comedian’s Wife Caught Flipping Trump Off Behind His Back

Amid all the ignorance and hatred that consumes the modern world, sometimes the most pathetic examples make the most news.

On Saturday night in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, site of the Ultimate Fighting Championship 295, actor and producer Nia Renee Hill — a celebrity only by virtue of her marriage to popular comedian Bill Burr — flashed two middle fingers in the direction of former President Donald Trump.

The uncharitable gesture occurred when the former president had his back turned to Hill.

According to Newsweek, Trump had entered the arena moments earlier and begun making his way through the seats.

As often happens when he attends UFC events, Trump received a raucous ovation from the crowd. In fact, like a prize fighter approaching the ring, Trump entered to Kid Rock’s hit song, “American Bad A**.”

Better yet, Kid Rock himself accompanied the former president with UFC CEO and president Dana White.

A smiling Tucker Carlson completed the powerhouse quartet. And Carlson must have enjoyed the experience, for he shared a clip of the group’s entrance on X, formerly Twitter.

Readers may view the clip here:

Small wonder, therefore, that Hill must have felt like a demon in church.

The Post Millennial’s Libby Emmons shared a three-second clip of Hill’s two-finger salute to the former president. Emmons also noted that Hill appeared quite alone in her animus.

Donald Trump walked into an arena that holds 20,000 people and 19,999 people were so happy. And then there was Bill Burr’s wife,” Emmons tweeted.

Conservative podcaster Monica Crowley shared a still photo of Hill’s gesture, along with sound advice for American men.

“Guys, one of the many lessons of Bill Burr’s wife flipping off President Trump: do not marry a toxic woke nightmare unless you want your life to be a living Hell,” Crowley tweeted.

The saddest thing about Hill is that we cannot even determine the authenticity of her hatred for Trump.

After all, every major institution in the country — from establishment media to woke Hollywood — has pushed the same anti-Trump narrative for more than eight years. They have made adherence to that narrative a moral litmus test: prove your worthiness by denouncing Trump and his supporters.

To escape that narrative, one would have to recognize its repeated falsehoods and then make a conscious choice to seek the truth elsewhere. No doubt many of us have seen this narrative’s hold on family and friends. They believe horrible things about the former president and his supporters that we know to be untrue.


Conversely, when conservatives and others express animus toward President Joe Biden, they do so because they have rejected the establishment narrative. They have taken a conscious step beyond that narrative — beyond the lies that powerful people want them to believe.

Thus, we cannot help but suspect that in Hill’s demonstrated disdain for Trump she really only showed hatred toward a caricature. Those two middle fingers came not from righteous indignation but from years of programming.

That would make her hatred a product of ignorance and herself an object of pity.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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