Colossal Failure: WH Press Sec Follows in Her Boss’ Footsteps, Botches Name of Sec of State

The incompetence of the Biden administration is once again on full display as another official makes a rather embarrassing gaffe. This time, that dubious recognition goes to the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, already recognized by many as the worst press secretary in American history, and this moment is certainly not going to help her case. In a White House press briefing, she mispronounced the name of Biden’s secretary of state Antony Blinken, referring to him as “Anthony Blinken.” In all fairness to Jean-Pierre, this is not the worst mistake to make and is frankly a rather understandable one. “Antony” is a rather uncommon name that looks and sounds almost identical to “Anthony” which is a very common name, so I am sure that this is not the first time someone has made that mistake. But the image that this presents is not a good one, it shows that the White House press secretary is unable to pronounce the name of one of the senior figures on President Joe Biden’s cabinet. Jean-Pierre is already in hot water with many for her lies and for her rather combative style when dealing with reporters who ask serious questions. This just confirms for many that she is really incompetent at her job. One Twitter user simply said, “Has there ever been a worse WH press secretary?” That being said, who else would we expect for the job of press secretary in the Biden administration? This administration has been marked by incompetence and is known the world over for its never-ending series of gaffes. Most of those embarrassing moments and gaffes come from Biden himself. Much like Jean-Pierre, Biden has constantly had trouble with being able to remember and pronounce people’s names — including the names of people in his own cabinet. For instance, he has repeatedly been unable to pronounce the name of Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson, the woman he made a big deal about nominating to the Supreme Court last year. Biden was also unable the name and title of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in one speech, during which, Austin happened to be standing right behind him! Jean-Pierre may be incompetent, she may lie and get testy with reporters, and she may make embarrassing blunders during her speeches, but she does represent the Biden administration, meaning that she is the perfect fit. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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