Colorado Secretary of State Hit with More Bad News After Attempt to Block Trump from Ballot Fails: A Recall Effort Is Underway

Colorado Secretary of State Hit with More Bad News After Attempt to Block Trump from Ballot Fails: A Recall Effort Is Underway

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold must be seriously regretting her vendetta against former President Donald Trump right now.

In addition to the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday that ruled against her attempt to kick Trump off the ballot for stoking an “insurrection,” Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is calling for a recall of Secretary Griswold.

According to The Hill, Boebert has begun the recall effort by sending Griswold a strongly worded letter — a letter Boebert shared on the social media platform X.

Captioning her post “@JenaGriswold, start packing your bags,” the meat of the letter accused Griswold of abusing her office to persecute Trump, instead of fulfilling the rule of law and allowing Coloradans to vote for their candidate of their choice.

Moreover, Boebert said that Griswold failed after the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling in favor of Trump, telling Griswold she created “a stain on our Republic and an outright embarrassment to Coloradans and Americans.”

As the Hill noted, for the recall effort to succeed, state law requires a total of 621,000 signatures. Boebert shared a link to the petition on her campaign site.


Now, even among those on the right, Boebert’s comment section was not unanimously in favor of this measure, though most preferred to attack Boebert’s admittedly messy personal life rather than the motion itself.

Still, despite Boebert’s reputation, some users applauded the effort on its own merits.

One user commented, “I’ve had my criticisms of Lauren Boebert — but her putting Jena Griswold in her place like this is a thing of beauty.”

Another echoed those sentiments, commenting, “The Colorado Secretary of State should be removed from power. She is a corrupt politician who is politically targeting Trump.”

Now, the real questions is if this effort is going to gain enough traction among Colorado Republicans and conservatives to actually succeed.

If we look back at the attempted recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom in the similarly blue state of California back in 2021, the realistic answer is probably not.

Still, regardless of whether or not it’s likely, it’s at the very least doable — especially considering that, in the wake of this legal debacle, every Trump supporter in Colorado would probably be willing to sign.

Really, it’s only Boebert’s publicly messy personal life that’s the real albatross around the neck of this effort.

The Colorado Democrats clearly didn’t think though the implications of targeting Trump on such a flimsy basis.

Kicking Trump off the ballot for his purported status as an “insurrectionist” might make the establishment and online liberals happy. But their legal attempts to do so not do hold any water and are angering conservatives in the process.

It’s almost the dictionary definition of a Pyrrhic victory.

Griswold temporally won when she first kicked Trump off the ballot in December, but she’s lost in every other way since then.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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