CNN Abruptly Cuts to Commercial as Wolf Blitzer Appears to Be in Physical Distress

CNN Abruptly Cuts to Commercial as Wolf Blitzer Appears to Be in Physical Distress

CNN cut to an abrupt break Thursday evening after network host Wolf Blitzer appeared to be physically distressed during an interview on his nightly show, “The Situation Room.”

Network producers cut away from the 75-year-old as he spoke to Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to take up the case of former President Donald Trump and those attempting to deny him 2024 ballot access.

Initially, it appeared as though Blitzer had to labor for a breath.

As Raskin spoke for several moments, the CNN host appeared to be in some form of physical discomfort.

Seventy seconds after Blitzer first appeared in a state of distress, his producers cut Raskin off and shifted immediately to a pre-recorded network promotion about a Jake Tapper special regarding disgraced former vice-presidential and presidential candidate John Edwards.

The promo was cut short as CNN’s Paula Reid quickly took the reins of the show.

“Wolf had to step away, he’ll be back, but there is other news we’re following here in ‘The Situation Room,'” she said before changing the topic to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Blitzer took to the social media platform X later on to tell his followers he was OK, but he did not explain what had happened or why he was forced to leave the set.

“I’m fine! Thanks for the well wishes,” he posted. “I’ll see you back in the Situation Room soon.”

CNN has not released a statement about the awkward moment or indicated whether Blitzer is dealing with any sort of a serious medical issue.

The host had just returned to his show earlier this week after some time away, he announced on Monday.

Before that evening’s show, the host shared an image of himself behind his desk.

“After a few days off, it’s good to be back today reporting the news in The Situation Room,” he posted.

Blitzer has been with CNN since the early 1990s and has worked in media for 52 years.

According to the far-left network, before joining CNN 33 years ago, Blitzer previously worked as a correspondent in Israel for the news wire service Reuters in Tel Aviv beginning in 1972.

After that, he went on to work for The Jerusalem Post as the agency’s Washington, D.C. correspondent.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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