Christianity Today Gets Roasted for Claim Jesus Was Asian, Including by Founder’s Son Franklin Graham

Christianity Today Gets Roasted for Claim Jesus Was Asian, Including by Founder’s Son Franklin Graham

The magazine Christianity Today needed just eight words to roil social media.

“Jesus was born in Asia. He was Asian,” Victoria Emily Jones wrote in the opening of a piece published as the Christian world gathered to mark the birth of Jesus.

The crux of the piece was to examine how Asian art portrayed Jesus.

“Some may object to depicting Jesus as anything other than a brown male born into a Jewish family in Bethlehem of Judea in the first century, believing that doing so undermines his historicity. But Christian artists who tackle the subject of the Incarnation are often aiming not at historical realism but at theological meaning,” Jones wrote.

But to social media critics, all the context in the world did not atone for the opening words of the piece.

“Blasphemy. Jesus is a Jew,” Christian blogger Samuel Sey posted in a reply on X.

“It’s necessary for our salvation that he is a son of David, from the tribe of Judah, and born in Bethlehem. Stop this nonsense. He isn’t European, Asian, Palestinian or black. He’s a Jew—the king of the Jews and therefore the saviour of the world,” he wrote.

Red State columnist Buzz Paterson posted a question on X: “Did you guys read the Bible?”

Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, who founded the magazine, shook his head sadly at the article in a post on X.

“@CTmagazine is being criticized for their article about artists depicting Jesus as Asian—and I also have to ask why they would publish something so far off base. We don’t have to wonder or speculate about this—the Bible gives us very specific details about Jesus’ earthly lineage and where He was born and grew up. We know that Jesus was Jewish. However, if you don’t believe the Bible or accept it as the Word of God, then everything is in question,” he wrote.

“Guess what—we don’t get to make God in our own image. He is Who He is! We must be on guard against anything or anyone who attempts to undermine the authority of the Word of God,” he wrote.

The senior pastor of Western Ave Baptist Church, Ekkie Tepsupornchai, posted on X, writing, “I am Asian. Jesus was not. Nevertheless, Jesus is my Lord. And His sacrifice granted me the right to become a child of God. That is all that matters to me.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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