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Staying up to date with the latest Christian news on faith, spirituality and culture can be a challenge. At His Glory, we are dedicated to bringing you Christian daily news in an easy to access online format so that you can stay connected with the stories that can help you grow in your faith. Each Christian news video is packed with news from around the world, the latest stores and current events as well as features that bridge the connection between you and your faith, with thoughtful commentary and analysis that provides insights and helpful information that can guide you on your path. We also offer a full on demand video library where you can find Scripture readings, Bible study and more.

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At His Glory, our Christian prophecy news is all about connection. Each day, you will learn the latest in faith, spirituality, church, culture, politics, and other news related to Christian faith. We also cover issues relating to social justice, world events, and how to reach out and support the community around you. Articles and analysis from a faith-based perspective can help you grow as a Christian as you stay informed and engaged on how your faith interacts with the world around you. Gain insights with interviews, learn about how those of faith are persecuted around the world, and enjoy high quality entertainment including Christian music, movies, TV and pop culture. Learn about how Christian leaders are shaping policy all over the world, and the initiatives that are being taken to support those in need such as the elderly and the poor.

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Staying up to date with the world around you is important as a Christian, as this can help you on your path towards glory. His Glory provides Christian news online with daily headline news and more, allowing you to stay connected in an easy and accessible way. To find out more about our work, services and programming, reach out today at (888) 513-2842.


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