Christian Author Lysa TerKeurst’s Cheating Spouse Demanded Money, Property, Even More in Divorce – Report

Proverbs 31 Ministries founder and successful Christian author Lysa TerKeurst has been on a journey of healing ever since her decision to divorce her husband, Art TerKeurst, who was unfaithful to her and struggled with alcoholism. TerKeurst publically announced her decision to divorce her husband on Jan. 1, according to Christian Headlines. However, they had been separated prior to that public announcement. They had been married for nearly 30 years. He made some outrageous demands in response to TerKeurst’s petition for divorce.  Those demands included post-separation support, alimony, a fair and impartial division of their property, damages and the rescission of a post-nuptial agreement, according to Ministry Watch. He claimed that he was dependent on his wife for his living expenses and that he doesn’t have his own resources to accommodate the standard of living to which he’s accustomed. Because of this and because he apparently contributed to her education, increasing her ability to earn money, and because he occasionally contributed as a homemaker during their marriage, he demanded alimony for an indefinite period of time. He said he was under duress at the time a post-nuptial agreement was signed because he was suicidal and about to enter a rehab treatment center to address his issue with alcoholism. His infidelity and alcoholism became known to her about a year and a half before she made the first announcement of their divorce in June 2017. Then about a year after that announcement, she announced that they were going to work toward reconciliation in their marriage, and they renewed their wedding vows in December 2018. Art TerKeurst said he was under the impression that the post-nuptial was invalidated after he finished the program to address his alcoholism and they renewed their vows. Unfortunately, his behavior didn’t truly change, and Lysa TerKeurst said he broke the vows that they had renewed, according to Christian Headlines. In a January Facebook post, TerKeurst detailed the sad reality that the year didn’t look the way she thought it would and described how her husband’s ungodly choices also impacted her, personally. She went on to detail how her relationship with God, the power of choosing forgiveness, prayer and lots of counseling have helped her heart to heal. Since the announcement, TerKeurst wrote a book that was released last month, titled “Good Boundaries and Goodbyes,” Christian Headlines reported. “The main reason I wrote this book, or any book I write, is that I need to learn the lesson most of all. I knew I needed to learn a lot about boundaries,” TerKeurst said. On Wednesday, TerKeurst provided a brief update on where she presently is in her journey of healing. On her Instagram she wrote, “Two years of healing. Two years of focusing on my own health. Two years of learning how to sit in the quiet with myself and be okay. Two years of believing God for goodness even when things felt not good at all. Two years of learning to go home to an empty house and counting the blessings that are still abundant. Two years… and I’m good. Better than good. I’m honestly surprised by how far I’ve come and how honest my laughter is now. My life looks different but it is full and joyful and I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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