Mike Tyson Explains What Led Him to Pummel Punk on Plane

Boxing great Mike Tyson says the man he punched on a plane this week was drunk and provoked him into the altercation. A video went viral on Thursday showing the former heavyweight champion punching a JetBlue airline passenger multiple times in the face after the man repeatedly taunted him. But Tyson’s representatives said in a […]

Girl Hit During Losing NBA Player's Tantrum, Team Then Suffers Blowout Defeat

This is a tale about a teenager and a temper tantrum, but with a twist. In this version, a 16-year-old girl was sitting about as quietly as one does at an NBA game and probably enjoying the show as the hometown Atlanta Hawks were cruising to Wednesday’s 132-103 rout of the Charlotte Hornets. Enter Miles […]

Crucial NBA Game Interrupted by Animal Rights Protester's Bizarre On-Court Stunt

Tuesday night’s battle for one of the last NBA playoff spots was briefly interrupted by an animal rights protester who tried to glue herself to the floor of the Target Centre in Minnesota. The glue did not hold enough to prevent authorities from removing the woman, identified as Alicia Santurio of the animal rights group […]

High School Football Teams Defy Orders and Lead Fans in Stirring Postgame Prayer

Editor’s Note: Our readers responded strongly to this story when it originally ran; we’re reposting it here in case you missed it. In mid-September, school officials in Putnam County, Tennessee, were told that district employees were not allowed to lead students in prayer. That included not only teachers and staff but also coaches of athletic […]