James Pinkerton: Investing in the Red-Blue Rumble

We all know about the downside of political polarization, but what about the upside? For instance, if “go woke” means “go broke,” who gets the money instead? For those paying attention, there’s a silver lining in the red-blue rumble. Conservative boycotts against brands such as Bud Light, Disney and Target have hit hard; in the […]

Op-Ed: The Rise of Adult Boyhood

As a parent to my college-aged daughter and a Bible study leader to five high school girls, I often hear complaints about young men lacking masculinity and leadership qualities. Today, boys seem hesitant to approach girls in person, relying instead on digital communication for attention, often struggling with assertiveness and the ability to honorably pursue […]

Mario Murillo: Do Not Take the Bait of Biden’s Easter Blasphemy

Do not take the bait of President Joe Biden’s Easter blasphemy. “Easter Is The World’s Most Historically Verified Holiday.” That is the mighty title of an article in The Federalist by Scott S. Powell. We had an astonishing holiday on Sunday. The greatest miracle the world has ever known. The most provable holiday in history. […]

Dick Morris: Trump’s Criminal Trials Are Powering Him to Victory

Perhaps it’s true, as Donald Trump repeats endlessly, that Joe Biden is the worst president in American history. But what is undisputed is that he’s waging the worst campaign in American history. His campaign serves as a daily reminder of Barack Obama’s warning to never underestimate “Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” The core assumption […]

Op-Ed: Christians Risk Death Today as They Follow Jesus’ Command to Be Baptized

Since the beginning of Christianity, baptism and Jesus’ resurrection have been tied closely together. Easter Sunday — the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ — has been a traditional day to be baptized since at least the third century. Easter has always been a day of publicly declaring our allegiance to Jesus, in baptism, […]

Gen. Flynn: A New Type of Warfare Is Here and Our Police Desperately Need Special Training

The value of fifth-generation warfare and irregular warfare awareness training for U.S. law enforcement officers cannot be underestimated. As the U.S. faces complex and evolving threats, particularly from state actors like the Chinese Communist Party, the need for specialized knowledge and situational awareness becomes ever more critical. Such training not only prepares law enforcement to […]

Op-Ed: Bully Biden Threatens Our Democracy

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Recently, this poignant reminder echoed through the halls of Congress in light of President Joe Biden’s threats aimed at the Supreme Court and its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson. During the “abortion for all” segment of his 2024 State […]

Dick Morris: Biden Is Not Delivering for His Base

The latest New York Times/Siena poll explains clearly why President Joe Biden is falling behind Donald Trump among young voters and Latinos and dropping behind his historic margins among blacks. In the survey, taken in February, the pollsters asked voters whether Biden’s and Trump’s policies have “helped you personally” or “hurt you personally.” The results […]