Refuse Worker Spots Dog Buried in Trash Just Before Servicing Dumpster

Dogs can find themselves in some pretty precarious situations, thanks to their curiosity and agility, but one person recently found a dog in a situation that would have been difficult for it to get itself into. Dave Carlson, who works for the Division of Refuse with the Columbus, Ohio, Department of Public Service, was just […]

'Brave' and 'Tragic': Heroic Teen Gives Life Trying to Save Driver of Submerged Car

A community in Sunrise, Florida, is in mourning after losing two young men on Tuesday night. Officials had not yet revealed the names of the two teens, but classmates identified the driver, Venkata Krishnamurthy, 18, and the good Samaritan as Aden Perry, 17, according to WTVJ. At around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday night, Krishnamurthy’s car left […]

On First Walk with Family, New Puppy Digs Up Gold Coins Worth Thousands

When most people bring a new purebred pup into the family, they end up splashing the cash. The price of the puppy, the cost of new supplies, vet care, food and the inevitable chewing damage add up. But one puppy in Blackpool, England, has turned those tables, stunning his new owners and people everywhere with […]