'Libs of TikTok' Lawyer Pulling No Punches on Groomers

Intentionally confusing young schoolchildren by inundating them with gender identity nonsense and the like should be considered a crime against humanity. It is an attack against the Biblical truth of Genesis 5:2 that when God created humans, “male and female he created them. He blessed them and named them ‘human.’” The gender identity movement is […]

New Audio: Did Trump Really Storm Out on Piers Morgan Interview? You Can Be the Judge

On Wednesday afternoon, British broadcaster Piers Morgan released a video purporting to show former President Donald Trump storming out of an interview with him. Just hours later, Trump vehemently disputed Morgan’s narrative. In the promotional video for the “Piers Morgan Uncensored” interview that Morgan shared on Twitter, the former president appeared to angrily leave the […]

Mike Tyson Explains What Led Him to Pummel Punk on Plane

Boxing great Mike Tyson says the man he punched on a plane this week was drunk and provoked him into the altercation. A video went viral on Thursday showing the former heavyweight champion punching a JetBlue airline passenger multiple times in the face after the man repeatedly taunted him. But Tyson’s representatives said in a […]

Black Mayor Called a 'Coon' by Unhinged BLM Leader

Black Lives Matter continues to prove that it’s a toxic, divisive grift whose primary goal is to panhandle for cash by stoking racial unrest. In the latest salvo, Hawk Newsome — the co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York — slammed New York Mayor Eric Adams as a “coon” and a “white man […]

Watch Furious Mom's Epic Response to School Teaching Children About Anal Sex

It was not that long ago that schools were thought to be a relatively safe place for children to learn and grow into responsible adults. While there were always certain risks to sending a child to school, the material being taught by the teachers was not usually one of them. That has all changed in […]