‘Something Will Have to Give’: IMF Issues Dire Warning to Biden Administration

The International Monetary Fund last week ripped the Biden administration’s out of control spending, calling it “out of line with what is needed for long-term fiscal stability.” According to the New York Post, the IMF, an international organization aimed at fighting financial crises across the globe, warned that ever-growing national debt in the U.S. poses a […]

Armed Thug Gets ‘John Wick’ Treatment After Picking Wrong Girl to Mess With

Chicago has turned into Gotham City, and there’s no superhero watching for the Bat Signal. But instead of just giving in, one Chicago woman defended herself when a punk pulled a gun on her. On Wednesday afternoon, a student identified only as Maddi was walking home from class around 3 p.m. in the 5600 block […]

Apple Bows to Beijing, Removes Top Apps at Behest of Chinese Communist Party

Tech giant Apple is so vested in communist China that it is actually helping that government oppress its people, and this month the company took yet another step down that path by acquiescing to the Chinese state and removing more apps from its App Store in China. Last week, Apple agreed to remove Meta’s WhatsApp […]

Even FBI Director Wray Says Chinese Hackers Targeting US Critical Sites

In the latest warning underscoring the danger to U.S. critical infrastructure from Chinese hackers, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a conference in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday that Beijing is poised “for just the right moment” to unleash chaos upon the American grid. The remarks were made at a security forum at Vanderbilt University, in which […]