Cartel Will Control the Border After Special Rule Expires in a Matter of Days, Border Patrol Union President Warns

Looming chaos at America’s southern border will make Mexico’s drug cartels the big winner, according to the president of the union representing Border Patrol agents. A health regulation known as Title 42 that took effect in 2020 has been used at the border to expel illegal immigrants, nominally as part of federal COVID-19 health policy. Although the Biden administration tried to end the policy, Title 42 remained in effect due to multiple court decisions. It is now set to expire on May 11 when the federal COVID-19 health emergency officially comes to a close, according to Reuters. That means drug cartels will be in control, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said, according to Just the News. “Once Title 42 goes away and the explosion happens, they’re going to control our entire southwest border,” Judd said. He said the end of Title 42 will mark the time when cartels “are going to be able to bring in all of their products such as the fentanyl, the dangerous drugs, the criminal aliens, and the aliens from special interest countries. All of that is going to go up and it’s going to be Americans that are going to pay for it.” Judd said as the numbers of illegal immigrants rise, Border Patrol agents are pulled away from border duties to process illegal immigrants. “If we’re apprehending 3,000 people, that means that we have about 70 percent of our resources on the border,” he stated. “If we’re apprehending 5,000 people, then we have about 50 percent of our resources on the border. Right now we’re apprehending 7,700 people every single day. That means only about 35 to 40 percent of our resources are on the border. Once that number goes up even more, once Title 42 goes away, we’re going to be down to about 10 percent of our resources.” Judd said he expects the number of illegals crossing the border to go up by the thousands. “It’s a minimum of 11,000. But we could see up to 16,000. It just depends on how the cartels go out and advertise their services. If the cartels are very aggressive in advertising their services, that number could go up to 16,000. But we will see a minimum of 11,000 people per day,” he said. Troy Miller, a top official at Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the Border Patrol, has projected up to 10,000 illegal immigrants per day crossing the border once Title 42 ends, according to CBS, which noted that other sources have pegged the flood of illegal immigrants as high as 13,000 per day. The Biden administration has already approved sending 1,500 troops to the border to assist Border Patrol agents. In December, prior to a court ruling that allowed Title 42 to remain in place for a few more months, Judd had warned that cartels were licking their chops for what the future without the rule would hold. “For years, ruthless criminal cartels have responded to U.S. policy to maximize profits. The cartels don’t thrive in times of tough enforcement policies. They thrive and generate record revenue by efficiently smuggling dangerous drugs, criminal aliens and aliens from countries who wish to do us harm during times of soft enforcement policies like we currently have,” Judd wrote in a December Op-Ed on Fox News. “Never in our history have the cartels generated more revenue than they do now. And it all starts by using illegal immigration to overwhelm Border Patrol resources. And while President Biden’s policies have already allowed the cartels to overwhelm resources, the chaos is about to get much, much worse,” he wrote. Retired DEA agent Derek Maltz agreed, telling Fox News, “The end of Title 42 will add a huge revenue opportunity for the cartels.” “It’s going to increase the deadly supply of fentanyl and this tsunami of these lethal substances that are entering the country daily,” he said. “They’re just going to take advantage of the volume of distractions to our brave men and women on the front lines, and they’re just going to continue to move high-value targets into America,” Maltz added. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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