Candle Blocked Meghan’s Face During Queen’s Funeral – Was It Intentional?

Twenty-five years after the death of Princess Diana, a candle in the wind was trending again because of a royal death. The reason, however, couldn’t be more different. During the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, social media users couldn’t help but notice that a candle was placed in such a way that it blocked the view of one particular royal: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. “Moments where Meghan Markle was almost entirely blocked by a giant candle during the broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral have some viewers convinced that her seat in the pews of Westminster Abbey was an intentional snub,” the New York Post reported. “People watching the BBC’s coverage of the service on Monday noticed that the Duchess of Sussex’s face, which was already partially shielded by her wide-brimmed hat, was almost entirely obscured by a thick yellow church candle.” The shot came as Meghan — standing between Prince Harry and his cousin, Princess Beatrice — was singing a hymn. It didn’t take long for the clip to set Twitter all a-twitter. “I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist but that candle is totally blocking the view of Meghan,” one user wrote. “BBC footage shows a candle blocking the view of the Meghan Markle,” another user remarked. “If this is not poetic justice… I don’t know what it is.” “On the sad occasion of Her Majesty’s funeral, I am comforted in the knowledge Meghan’s head is obscured by a candle,” another wrote. And yes, there was even a parody version of “Candle in the Wind” created for the occasion, because of course there was: Just in case you’re thinking this is a little bit cruel, consider who it is we’re dealing with here. Actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018, and Britons quickly began realizing that maybe they’d judged Wallis Simpson a little too harshly back in the day. Meghan has accused the royal family of being bullies and racists, even as she faces allegations of bullying herself. Both Harry and Meghan stopped being working royals and decamped to America, where they busied themselves with Oprah Winfrey tell-alls and Netflix development deals. And in case anyone was willing to forgive and forget following the queen’s death Sept. 8 at age 96, Harry and Meghan caused a furor (or furore, as the Brits would say) by reportedly demanding His/Her Royal Highness titles for their children from the new monarch, King Charles III. [firefly_poll] Neither child was entitled to the title, not being in line for the throne and working royalty. Neither child got it, either. I doubt Buckingham Palace was so brilliantly devious as to block off Meghan with a candle during the queen’s funeral. However, one social media user had a decent point about the shot: If either the candle or Duchess of Sussex had to go, the choice would be easy. “That candle has a purpose in these proceedings, and is useful, unlike the Markle thing,” he wrote. Touché. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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