Canada ‘Freedom Convoy’ Was Shut Down By Trudeau, But Now We Know Who Was Putting Pressure on Him

Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” was one bright spot of liberty during the worst of the COVID madness early this year, but shocking news reveals that Joe Biden did his best to destroy the movement. When Canadian truckers launched their “Freedom Convoy” movement to protest draconian COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates early this year, Americans cheered them on. These hardworking truckers seemed to be one of the only organized voices calling for accountability from COVID-crazed governments. But now we know that Joe Biden and his cabal in Washington were working overtime to undermine the freedom-loving truckers by putting heavy pressure on Canadian officials to shut down the truckers who were blockading the roads. This is beyond stunning. Despite that the U.S. is supposed to be the land of free speech, and the country of speaking truth to power, Politico is now reporting that Joe Biden and his administration were working overtime to destroy those very freedoms in a nearby foreign country. A public inquiry into the actions of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government during January and February, when the truckers began organizing to protest the COVID mandates that threatened to throw hundreds of truck drivers out of work, has revealed that Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, and other U.S. officials launched a high-pressure campaign to cajole Trudeau into shutting the truckers down. The commission is seeking to determine if Trudeau was justified in using the iron boot heel of government to shut down and punish the entirely peaceful protests by the freedom truckers. Some results from the investigation are already known. For instance, the investigation found that Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland admitted to her staff that Joe Biden’s White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese had been in contact with her concerning the trucker convoy, Politico notes. Freeland said that Deese called her on Feb. 10 and in a email to her staff she noted that Deese said, “If this is not sorted out in the next 12 hours, all of their northeastern car plants will shut down.” Freeland added that American officials “are very, very, very worried.” Only four days after the call, Trudeau invoked his emergency powers — that had never been used by any previous prime minister — to shut down the truckers and began towing their vehicles, slapping fines and banking restrictions on them, arresting them, and even denying them bail. Interestingly, it was Trudeau’s use of these powers that necessitated the public inquiry in the first place, as Politico notes. Biden’s council was not the only U.S. office to call Canadian officials. Trudeau’s deputy chief of staff, Brian Clow, had been called by Juan Gonzalez, Biden’s special assistant and National Security Council senior director for the Western Hemisphere. Gonzalez conspired with Clow to give the Canadians access to resources in the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security to help destroy the Freedom Truckers. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also jumped in to add his voice to the pressure on the Canadians to eliminate the “threat” of the trucker movement. A “threat” so feared that Canadian officials even told the truckers that their pets would be punished! Buttigieg reportedly contacted Canada’s Transport Minister, Omar Alghabra, and pressured him to move quickly on “a plan to resolve” the disruptive protests. Alghabra later said that the call from Buttigieg was “unusual.” Freeland added that the U.S. acted with uncharacteristic speed on setting up communications with Canadian officials to end the trucker movement. She noted that the usually “hard to get hold of” White House acted with alacrity to respond to inquiries and set up emergency lines of communication. Politico added that several major banking officials and corporate chiefs also got involved, including BMO CEO Darryl White and TD Bank CEO Bharat Masrani, along with Stelco CEO Alan Kestenbaum. Kestenbaum, for one, apparently worried that the lack of auto parts leaving Canada and arriving in U.S. factories might convince U.S. car makers to get more serious about developing parts resources inside the U.S. All these efforts to force the Canadians to shut down the freedom truckers were topped off by a call to Trudeau from Joe Biden himself on Feb. 11, only three days before Trudeau invoked his draconian emergency powers. During his call, “Biden reportedly alluded to trucker convoys rumored to be threatening to disrupt the Super Bowl in Los Angeles and streets in Washington,” the New York Post reported. This is all incredibly and obviously outrageous. The president of our country, a nation supposedly built on freedom of speech, personal liberty, and the right to petition government and hold officials accountable, was pressuring a neighboring country to take away those very same freedoms from their citizens. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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