Burger King Pounces on Wendy’s ‘Surge Pricing’ Controversy, Announces Free Burgers

Burger King Pounces on Wendy’s ‘Surge Pricing’ Controversy, Announces Free Burgers

Wendy’s is known for having a heavy presence on social media and for using its accounts to roast its competitors.

But on Wednesday, Burger King took the crown as the fast-food industry’s loudest instigator when it offered free Whoppers to customers who might have been put off by its rival’s decision to test out charging hungry customers more.

Wendy’s CEO Kirk Tanner didn’t exactly come out and say his restaurants were going to dip into price surging during busier hours.

Instead, Tanner described the idea as “dynamic pricing” during an earnings call to investors last month, Axios reported.

Once the news went viral on Wednesday that the company created by beloved late founder Dave Thomas would experiment with adjusting food prices based on demand like Uber rides, the masses and one Massachusetts senator revolted.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren lost her mind on Wendy’s, resulting in a strong community note on her post.

Burger King’s account on the social media platform X seized on the negative press for Wendy’s by announcing free Whoppers through March 1 for anyone in the U.S.  placing an order of at least $3.

Alluding to Wendy’s in a post, BK wrote, “The only thing surging at BK is the [flame].

“We don’t believe in charging people more when they’re hungry.”

The reaction to Burger King’s offer was mostly red-hot on social media:

It is worth noting that Wendy’s later explained in a statement that a test run on so-called surge pricing was never about raising prices, but actually lowering them.

Wendy’s had hoped to lower its prices at times when business at its restaurants was slow to motivate people to order food, although the language used by Tanner did not seem to convey that, the company said in a Wednesday statement.

“We said these menuboards would give us more flexibility to change the display of featured items,” the company said. “This was misconstrued in some media reports as an intent to raise prices when demand is highest at our restaurants.

Wendy’s made it clear there were “no plans” to hike up prices for loyal customers.

It’s a safe bet the company will regroup and respond in time and will probably offer a promotion of its own, so fast-food customers would be wise to be on the lookout.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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