Bud Light Blocks Reporter After He Releases One Damning Video

After exhausting every effort to kill the message, Bud Light has apparently resorted to shooting the messenger. The beleaguered beer brand blocked Daily Caller reporter Joel Gibbons on Twitter after he posted a short clip in which he interviewed a group of people, asking if they’d drink Bud Light. “Bud Light actually blocked me for my video,” Gibbons tweeted. It’s almost as if Bud Light and parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev think that sticking their fingers in their ears would somehow change the fact that they are now one of the most reviled brands in America. Meanwhile, the video itself was objectively hilarious and, at the same time, indicative of the general mood of much of the nation toward Bud Light.

WARNING: The following video contains some language the viewer may find offensive

The various responses to Gibbon’s question, “Would you drink Bud Light?” went from lighthearted mockery and a willingness to forgive under the right circumstances to “it’s trash,” “it’s watered-down cat piss” and “it just tastes like utter crap.” One interviewee said he would “rather be punched in the face” than drink what another person called “tranny fluid” — an obvious dig at Bud Light’s disastrous relationship with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which is what sparked this fierce backlash in the first place. Many of those interviewed said that there is nothing Anheuser Busch could do to make them drink their beer again. Others suggested that if Donald Trump offered them one, they might take it. Another person said that the only way he would accept a Bud Light was if it was from Jesus Christ himself. Bud Light has lost roughly 24 percent in sales and at least $15 billion in market value after its partnership with Mulvaney. And even after several pathetic attempts to regain favor, the beer shows no sign of recovering. If the drop in sales wasn’t enough of a clue, a couple of young ladies in Gibbons’ video made it evident that dating sites may need a new box to check off — no Bud Light drinkers. “Even if my future husband wants to crack open a beer on a Saturday night with his boys… Bud Light still is off the table,” one woman said. Apparently, these ladies prefer men who know what a woman is — shocking, isn’t it? So, Bud Light can block out all the reporters it wants. It can stifle the messaging. It can try to silence the critics. It doesn’t matter because the sentiment is real and it’s already out there. America’s once-favorite brew has left a bitter taste in our mouths that isn’t going away any time soon, or maybe ever. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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