Brutal News for ‘Migrant Influencer’ Who Coached Illegals on How to Exploit Loopholes in US

Brutal News for ‘Migrant Influencer’ Who Coached Illegals on How to Exploit Loopholes in US

The illegal alien who instantly became infamous for his TikTok videos instructing other illegals on how to break into American homes and then steal them from their owners by squatting in them has finally earned some comeuppance.

This hate-filled “online influencer” who was urging migrants to break even more of our laws, to steal from Americans, destroy our properties and generally impose more mayhem on America, is now doing a little squatting of his own — squatting in a jail cell, that is.

You may recall the story last week of TikTok user Leonel Moreno, an illegal alien from Venezuela, who began posting videos about “invading a house in United States” and invoking “squatter’s rights” to live rent free in someone else’s property.

In one of his videos, he told other illegal aliens, “I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.”

Moreno went on to say the law also applies to their “land invasion,” and told his social media followers, “I think that will be my next business, invading abandoned houses.”

In another video, Moreno was seen bragging that he does not work and lives off American taxes by getting freebies. In another he was seen, likely in the parking lot of the Gahanna, Ohio Police Department, urging migrants to support an illegal alien teen who used a gun to try and rob a store in New York City.

In other words, this criminal alien has been all over social media urging his fellow illegal border crossers to wreck mayhem on America.

His notoriety, though, appears to have been his undoing… at least temporarily.

Moreno has been taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, federal officials have confirmed, according to Fox News.

Federal sources say that Moreno illegally entered the U.S. in April of 2022 and was initially put in the Alternatives to Detention program by Border Patrol. However, he left federal custody and skipped out on ICE enforcement.

News Nation added that Moreno was soon listed as a preorder absconder and was terminated from the ATD program

After he absconded from the ATD program, he then found a way to get $350 a week in government handouts and also claimed that he makes up to $1,000 a day as a TikTok “influencer.”

Moreno had been ordered to appear in an immigration court in Florida, but he never bothered to show, and officials had a hard time finding him.

It is not yet known if the Biden administration will deport this inciter of crime. After all, Biden does not have a great track record of deporting anyone — criminal or no — since taking office.

Meanwhile, as more and more foreigners break our laws, come into the U.S. illegally and live off the American taxpayer, crime by illegals is also soaring.

Moreno put a target on his own back with his TikTok shenanigans, without a doubt. And it is obvious that the arrest of just this one criminal isn’t going to curb the wave of dangerous individuals pouring across our border. But we certainly have to start somewhere. And putting an end to Moreno’s criminal rampage is definitely a good start.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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