Brother Snaps Back After Biden Starts Talking to Young Girl: ‘She’s 6!’

Brother Snaps Back After Biden Starts Talking to Young Girl: ‘She’s 6!’

President Joe Biden seems to have a habit of fabricating the events of his life. Whether he simply can’t remember his life or strives to be impressive, his fiction is full of holes. It doesn’t bode well for his credibility or stature.

As president, he is a complete disgrace, in mine and many people’s opinions. This is the reason he is able to get up in front of the families of our brave men and women serving in the military, look them square in the eye and rattle off nothing that he actually stands for. Then approach a 6-year-old girl in the same breath and attempt to ingratiate himself to her.

The exchange reeked of innocence and immorality. Biden’s comments about “loving the little girl’s ears” are completely inappropriate.

He moved on to ask the child, “How old  are you, 17?” to which her brother responded, “She’s 6.”

Unfortunately, it isn’t the first time Biden has addressed a child inappropriately. He seems to make a habit of this too.

To stand in front of the service members and military families at a Friendsgiving event last Friday held at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia, and spout out wildly false claims that he had been appointed to the Naval Academy to play football but turned them down is devoid merit. According to Fox News, there is no record of this. Yet he continues to push this fallacy.

It isn’t a good look for Biden at all. Nor is the fact that he spent any amount of time attempting to convince voters that he believes that the dominant obligation the United States has is to ensure the utmost care and protection of our military.

According to Fox News, Biden addressed service members this past Sunday, saying, “We have a lot of obligations as a government. We only have one truly sacred obligation, and that is to prepare those who we send into harm’s way, care for them and their families when they come home, and make sure they’re never forgotten.” Where is the evidence that he actually believes this?

We only need to turn the page back to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan just a few short years ago to understand that this is simply another one of his lies.

To stand before the military personnel and families of those currently deployed in the eastern Mediterranean on the Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carriers noting the violent war occurring between Israel and Hamas and reassure them when there is no evidence of this priority is pure evil, in my view.

Couple this with the lechery of approaching a little girl on the sidelines. Poppa Joe doesn’t seem to understand boundaries or the implications his focus on her age implies.

He also should not be highlighting any of her body parts. That is a complete overstep. Had it not been him, liberals would be calling this act out and labeling it a new word. But it is him, and so they are doing what they are known to do, apply the double standard.

His creepy behavior is only getting worse.

Unable to anticipate every moment he will need to be reined in, they either cover it up by turning our nation’s focus onto former President Donald Trump through the partnered establishment media, disregard it as if it wasn’t meaningful through the clamourings of the White House press secretary or simply don’t address it. The phrase, “We didn’t see anything” has taken on a whole new meaning.

There are plenty of ways to invite the little girl into the conversation, making the moment heartwarming and relevant to the reason they are gathered. He just doesn’t know how to do it.

His true colors always come out, just as they do in his manipulative use of the life and death of his son, Beau Biden. It is revolting. Using a child’s life to create an image and increase points with the crowd is revolting. But that is what he does.

According to polling site 538 as of Tuesday, Biden’s current disapproval rating is 55 percent. People are waking up, folks.

The backlash among many conservatives seems to suggest that a significant number of them won’t take the worst lying down. Four more years of Biden’s destruction, lechery, and lies won’t be tolerated. Because there won’t be anything left of our nation, and they know it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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