Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s Name Mentioned in Newest Batch of Epstein Documents

Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s Name Mentioned in Newest Batch of Epstein Documents

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was named in the latest batch of documents released Friday by a federal court in New York in relation to deceased former child sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.

It was the first time Mrs. Clinton had been linked to Epstein’s nefarious activities in public court documents.

Not only was Hillary Clinton named, but so too was her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was not accused of a crime but was named because an alleged Epstein victim who was not named in Friday’s document release sought information from people close to Epstein’s inner circle in a case against him, Fox News reported.

She was listed as a potential witness.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who helped court women and girls on behalf of Epstein, attended Chelsea’s 2010 wedding, according to photos in the documents.

Former President Bill Clinton was named in Wednesday’s document release.

One of Epstein’s victims in a document alleged that the deceased predator had once relayed to her that President Clinton “likes them young” when referring to sexual partners.

A spokesperson for the former president said Clinton was not friends with Epstein.

All three members of the Clinton family are now named in documents associated with Epstein.

Friday’s release also cites additional potential Epstein associates and some personal information about him.

One deposition from an Epstein accuser named Johanna Sjoberg commented on Epstein’s alleged sexual proclivities while testifying.

Sjoberg claimed under oath that he required “many massages” from “many different girls” because he required “three orgasms a day.”

The woman commented on Epstein’s alleged libido, stating “It was biological, like eating.”

Tony Figueroa, who used to drive for both Epstein and Maxwell, backed up Sjoberg’s claim under oath.

According to Fox News, three other people who had not previously been linked to Epstein were named in the documents.

The names of former JPMorgan Chase banker Jes Staley, former Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexler and disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein were each said to have been found in Epstein’s call logs.

None of those men were accused of any wrongdoing in the documents. Weinstein’s well-chronicled issues stem from a 2020 conviction of criminal sexual assault that appears unrelated, for now.

Another batch of documents is expected to be released by Monday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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