Boxer Ryan Garcia’s Social Media Showed Demonic Video That Made Fans Fear He May Be Dead, We Now Know What Happened

Boxer Ryan Garcia’s Social Media Showed Demonic Video That Made Fans Fear He May Be Dead, We Now Know What Happened

American professional boxer and the former WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia sparked concerns after a cryptic, demonic message was posted over his social media on Sunday. The message hinted at his possible death.

A video and accompanying message posted on Garcia’s account X and Instagram included the words, “Satan sitting at the top now. 666.”

That post has since been deleted on X. However, an eery, jerky 6-second video remained on Garcia’s Instagram account as of early Tuesday afternoon. It was apparently recorded by an unidentified man, whose hand is briefly visible, moving through a house, and it appeared to include Garcia in the frame.

A caption over the video said: “We got him boys. Ryan Garcia RIP B****  666.”

The caption claimed the video “is exactly 666 in time.” It continued, ” WE TOLD YOU WE WERECOMING,” followed by “HAHAHABABABAA” and what appears to be a string of random letters.

On Monday, Garcia addressed the confusion about the original posts on his social media in a video posted on his X account, stating he had been locked out of his Instagram and financial accounts, assuring fans and family of his safety, and dismissing rumors of his demise.

He said, “It’s me, Ryan. … I’m not in possession of my phone. I can’t get access to my Instagram. My cards are locked, and I’m just being real … taken advantage [of]. And I personally wanted just to send out a video to the people that love me and my fans and family that’s concerned that I’m okay. I’m not dead, I believe in Jesus, all those [rumors] are lies. … They tried to put me in jail. They’re blocking my cards. I can’t access my money. Nobody’s hitting me back. I don’t know what’s going on but, uh, just know I’m OK. Love.”

In December, Garcia appeared in a YouTube video posted by DAZN Boxing, showcasing his most recent tattoo, which depicts a lion killing a snake.

He explained that it represents conquering the devil, symbolizing his personal battles.

“You’re conquering the devil in your life,” he said.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Garcia’s father and coach, Henry Garcia, and Garcia’s ex-wife, Andrea Celina, responded to his ominous messages on their social media accounts.

Henry Garcia tried to assure fans that Garcia was “just trolling the wrong way,” according to the Daily Mail. However, when asked by a fan if Garcia was OK, he responded, “No there’s more to it. Trust.”

Celina expressed concern on Instagram, according to the Daily Mail, indicating Garcia was not well and said that the posts were not from a “troll.” Instead, she urged her followers to “pray for Ryan.”

Celina reportedly wrote, “We are not together and i’ve been in contact with him and he may [seem] fine but he is not. I know in my heart he is being heavily oppressed,” adding, “We are not part of any of this and want him to get better but this IS REAL. Pray for him.”

Hours after the birth of his son, Henry Leo Garcia, on Jan. 5, Garcia announced his divorce from Celina, whom he had married in 2021.

Less than two months later, according to the Daily Mail, on Thursday, he revealed a new relationship with social media influencer Mikaela Testa.

Garcia’s recent Instagram activity included a proposal tease to a woman who lists herself as a life coach and a reconciliation and proposal post with a real estate agent within hours of each other on Sunday.

There were five additional posts in between those two, one of which included a picture of his two-month old baby, another one which featured him wearing a rimmed baseball cap with a caption that seemed to be unflattering of himself, and another one with an image of him and rival boxer Jake Paul, which said, “I’m tired of this!!!! Im done, I’m stopping this s*** and it’s my fault I started his boxing career. I should’ve never. BUT no REGRETS! IM GOING TO HURT THIS MAN BAD. @jakepaul.”

Garcia is scheduled to fight pro boxer Devin Haney in a highly anticipated match on April 20.

Haney posted “Free Ry..” on Monday, seemingly in response to Garcia’s social media posts and responses from those who know him claiming he’s being “oppressed.”

On Tuesday, Garcia posted again in a series of since deleted posts.The first post on X said, “Referring to last tweet satan didn’t want me to post but I’m adding humor to me trolling his dumb a**. BURN SATAN AS YOU KNOW JESUS IS COMING AS YOU KNOW HAHAHAHA I KNOW YOU HATE ME! THE LORD REBUKES YOU………………..”

He followed this with, “I’m going to set up live drug test,” then, went on to say he was raped when he was two-years-old by a family member: “I was raped as a two year old and I have proof and they laugh wtf is wrong with people.”

Garcia then posted that “Human trafficking is the biggest trade in the world” and that he’s “hurting for them [children] and I’m the crazy one. No one is doing anything.”

He finally posted, “Tweets deleted in real time.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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