Border Patrol Discovers City’s Storm Drain System Being Exploited, Dozens Apprehended

Border Patrol Discovers City’s Storm Drain System Being Exploited, Dozens Apprehended

For years, the Democrats have painted Republicans who oppose illegal immigration as lacking compassion.

In September, the far-left outlet Mother Jones referred to proposals on immigration reform offered by Republican presidential primary candidates as “shockingly cruel.”

Yet they continue to turn a blind eye to the real cruelty immigrants suffer at the border at the hands of cartels profiting by their desperation without any regard for the safety of these migrants, many of whom are children.

On Wednesday, Border Patrol agents apprehended 69 migrants who were hiding in the El Paso, Texas storm drain system, according to the US Customs and Border Patrol website.

The agents first responded to a report of illegal entry near the Bridge of Americas. There, they found a manhole entry to the drains near Interstate 10. Agents entered and arrested 27 migrants despite detecting hazardous chlorine gas levels.

Soon after, agents responded back to the same manhole after a report of another illegal entry.

They apprehended an additional 43 migrants exploiting a nearby section of drains by Paisano Avenue.

In total, 69 migrants were arrested from the storm drains on Wednesday evening. Those apprehended came from Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras and El Salvador.

Four unaccompanied minors were among those arrested. All of the migrants received medical evaluations and were then processed for removal under immigration law.

All the illegal immigrants were medically evaluated and then processed for removal under Title 8.

El Paso Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Scott Good said that the storm drain system is dangerous and poses serious risks, not only to the migrants but also to the Border Patrol agents.

“Due to these risks, the El Paso Sector will deliver serious consequences to individuals that exploit the El Paso Storm drain system,” he added.

Not only do “inventive” ideas like this by cartels put Border Patrol agents in danger but it endangers the lives of the very people the Biden administration says they want to protect.

According to the CBP, smuggling cartels have been exploiting holes in the city’s drains to funnel migrants seeking illegal entry to the U.S.

But what the migrants likely don’t know is that the maze of tunnels they enter are filled with hazards and often can turn deadly.

The storm drains beneath El Paso carry hazardous industrial runoff, chemicals and sewage into the Rio Grande river, according to the CBP. Gases like chlorine and methane build up inside the narrow pipes and have sickened many migrants. Some sections fill suddenly with rainwater, drowning travelers.

Insects and other dangerous sewer animals, such as rats and snakes, also lurk in the drains.

In short – the journey is harrowing.

Yet smugglers cram men, women and children inside for huge fees.

They are treating the vulnerable migrants like sewer rats, herding them through drains built for wastewater, out of sight and out of mind.

Four unaccompanied teenagers spent hours in these hazardous conditions with only cartel members, who see them as banknotes rather than humans, to protect them.

But while the Biden administration says it wants to increase funding for Border Patrol agents, Border Czar and Vice President Kamala Harris made it very clear what any additional funding will be used for.

During an interview with CNN’s Laura Coates in January, Harris said that fixing our broken immigration system should include “putting resources at the border to do what we can to process people effectively, and putting in place laws that actually allow for a meaningful, meaningful pathway to citizenship,” according to Newsweek.

Noticeably absent from the Vice President’s vision is any mention of “prevention.”

Fox News Jesse Watters pointed out that Harris and the Biden administration don’t want to stop the invasion at the border; they want to speed it up.

“Process more foreigners and put them on a pathway to citizenship,” Watters said.

“Which means they vote,” he said.

At the end of the day, the Biden administration’s sudden concern about the border has nothing to do with the safety of the people and children found in the hazardous sewers or drowning in the Rio Grande.

It’s about processing as many people as possible and putting them on a pathway to citizenship so that they can vote.

Until the focus of the government turns from “processing” to “preventing” incidents like this will continue to escalate — but don’t count on that ever happening under the current administration.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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