Border Numbers So Disastrous Feds Release Them When No One Is Paying Attention

Under Joe Biden’s failed presidency, the United States has devolved into a dumping ground for unvetted armies of illegal aliens, including suspected terrorists and convicted felons. So it’s no surprise the administration is trying to keep the unprecedented scope of the harrowing border disaster under wraps. Accordingly, U.S. Customs and Border Protection released its September monthly report on Saturday, clearly hoping few Americans would notice the frightening numbers over the weekend. The terrifying statistics paint a grim picture of a nation under siege: CBP’s total border encounters in September hit a record high of 269,735. “CBP releases RECORD BREAKING Sept FY23 Encounters – 269,735 – highest month ever on record – brings FY23 Total to highest year ever on record – 2,475,669,” Fox News Washington correspondent Griff Jenkins noted on the social media platform X. Former first son Donald Trump Jr. pointed out that the Biden administration waited until a Saturday to release its monthly report. [firefly_poll] “Of course Customs and Border Patrol waits until Saturday morning to release the new disastrous border numbers so that no one is paying attention,” he wrote in a social media post. “So we understand what the invasion looks like:
  • 267 terrorists (these were caught imagine how many got through?)
  • 8M+ illegal aliens since Biden took office
  • 72,823 illegal special interest aliens (from countries that harbor terrorism) over the last 2 years.”
“This is not an accident or a coincidence, this is deliberate by Democrats and it will destroy our country,” Trump Jr. wrote. Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin reported that in September, 18 illegal aliens who were on the FBI terror watchlist were caught, bringing the fiscal year total to 169 — the highest ever recorded, and higher than the previous six years combined. As a reminder, the CPB report only records the illegal aliens who were caught or surrendered voluntarily, since many more escape and roam our streets undetected. Meanwhile, those who have been convicted of violent crimes — either in foreign countries or in the United States during previous entries — continue to violate the border, presenting a danger to American citizens. In addition to the army of migrants flooding the nation, incalculable amounts of lethal drugs are crossing our unsecured border every day. Migrants have also been caught sneaking in stomach-curdling, unsanitary products that could usher in a public health emergency. Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor at New York University Medical School, has warned that some migrants are bringing deadly, drug-resistant diseases into the country. “Migrants could be bringing infectious diseases across our southern border. When they are bussed to New York and elsewhere, these diseases go with them,” Siegel wrote in an Aug. 17 USA Today column. Siegel quoted Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona, as saying he has encountered numerous migrants infected with a terrifying array of diseases that could erupt into national epidemic. “Border Patrol and local agencies have seen all types of diseases like tuberculosis, scabies, COVID, hepatitis A and B, gonorrhea, syphilis, mumps, chicken pox, dengue fever, etc.,” Pinal told Siegel. This is why Siegel pointed out that “the porous border is not just a national security crisis, it is also a public health emergency.” It is undeniable now that there’s a festering border crisis metastasizing under Biden’s apocalyptic presidency. A relentless barrage of migrants is accelerating the collapse of the United States by straining public resources, compromising national security and endangering public safety. No country can withstand this kind of relentless assault on a daily basis without buckling under.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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