‘The Border Has Never Been More Unsecured’: AZ Sheriff Warns Cartels Pushing More Illegal Immigrants Into America Fearing GOP Takeover in November

Millions of sensible Americans are full of hope now that the November midterms — and likely a Republican congressional sweep — are less than a few months away. Open-border advocates, which include Democrats, Mexican drug cartels and human-traffickers, are not so enthused, however. Fearing a massive “red wave” this November, these cartels and human-traffickers have begun a renewed “surge” through the United States’ border, according to various sources — including Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Mark Lamb. According to Just the News, Lamb said claims of a secure U.S. border are “gaslighting the American people” because “[t]he border has never been more unsecured.” He continued, “the Mexican drug cartels are now scrambling to surge as many illegal migrants as possible across the southern border under the wire.” Sheriff Lamb told the John Solomon Reports podcast, “I think the cartels are very astute to what’s going on in our political world.” “I think they see that the House is going to go back to Republican, and likely the Senate as well. I think you’ll start to see even more push to bring people in, as like a last ditch-effort.” Lamb, while understanding the toll that cartel drug smuggling has taken on Americans, is even more concerned with the human trafficking element of the issue. He went on to pose a grim but valid question during the interview. “If I were to sell you a pill or an ounce of cocaine, how many times can I sell it to you? “One,” he answered his own question. “How many times can they sell you a woman or a child? They can do it over and over and over and over again. And that is what is happening. When you bring 300,000 people to the border every month, you have to be naive to think that A, that those people all have good intentions for America, but B, you have to be naive to think that those people are not being enslaved — the women into the sex trade, the children into the sex trade here in America.” And according to sources, those that aren’t successfully smuggled across the border typically end up dying grim deaths. The New York Post reported, a smuggler in his trucker rig “was able to get past a Texas border checkpoint and make it to San Antonio before his truck apparently developed mechanical problems, and he abandoned it on the side of the road.” The article goes on to state that by the time the vehicle was found by authorities, “the truck had turned into a coffin amid 103-degree temperatures, leaving ‘stacks of bodies’ inside.” Just the News stated, “Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott recently declared the Mexican trafficking cartels domestic terrorist organizations and called on President Biden to do the same. As of now, Biden has not responded to Abbott’s request.” Perhaps Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland are too concerned with labeling MAGA supporters and parents who don’t want the perverted trans-agenda taught in their children’s curriculum to be “enemies of the State” and “terrorists” to take notice of the real enemies and terrorists flooding our borders. Pray for a political “red wave” to hit the House and Senate this November or brace for a continued “red wave” of human blood should this administration continue to allow the border to be left wide open to the evils of drug smuggling and human trafficking. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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