Blue State Sends Brutal 2024 Message to Biden in Dem Primary

Blue State Sends Brutal 2024 Message to Biden in Dem Primary

President Joe Biden’s dream of a second term could hit a major snag if pro-Palestinian voters continue to gain momentum in the lead-up to the November general election.

In the latest illustration of this troubling trend, almost 15 percent of Democratic primary voters voted “Uncommitted” in Rhode Island’s primary race on Tuesday.

While Biden easily won the deep blue state by getting 82.6 percent of the votes, “Uncommitted” garnered a whopping 14.9 percent. Biden won the state in 2020 by almost 60 percent.

This is not a welcome development for the doddering 81-year-old, whose rocky presidency has been plagued with numerous crises.

Across the nation, pro-Palestinian voters — many of whom are Muslim — have begun voting “Uncommitted” to protest Biden’s support of Israel in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

While the president has easily won all his primary races to date, “Uncommitted” siphoned off a surprising number of his voters in several states.

Danya Reda, a member of the Vote Uncommitted Rhode Island coalition and the Democratic Socialists of America, told The Boston Globe that while Biden will ultimately be the Democratic nominee, pro-Palestinian voters are building support for their anti-war movement.

“There is a strong message coming out of Rhode Island — we want a permanent ceasefire and an end to this war,” Reda said.


“And it’s another strong message, like out Michigan and Massachusetts, that voters, including Democratic voters, feel unrepresented by this foreign policy and want to see our humanity and values reflected in U.S. foreign policy,” she said.

On the social media platform X, the “Uncommitted” coalition expressed frustration with Biden and urged others to join their movement.

Amid criticism that voting “Uncommitted” helps presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, Miguel Sanchez, a Democratic member of the Providence, Rhode Island, City Council, wrote on X that it’s merely a way to send Biden a message, not an endorsement of the 45th president.

“An uncommitted vote in a Democratic primary is NOT a vote for Trump, it’s a vote to encourage President Biden to significantly change his unconditional support of a genocide that is being funded with our tax dollars,” he wrote on X.

Short of some unforeseen disaster, it’s unlikely anything will stop Biden from being the Democratic nominee.

But it’s bad news for Biden that he’s encountering such vocal internal party resistance when his tenure has already been marred by crippling inflation, soaring crime and an unprecedented border crisis.

Fittingly, Biden’s campaign is mirroring the sad state of the nation under his failed leadership.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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