Black Men Abandoning Biden in New Polling – It Was Only a Matter of Time

Black Men Abandoning Biden in New Polling – It Was Only a Matter of Time

If you have been following the news, you have seen countless news stories about the left being terrified about the 2024 election.

You are seeing poll after poll of Biden hemorrhaging support, especially with black voters, which is a crucial voting bloc for the left to win any election.

We now might have at least one reason black voters are no longer supporting President Joe Biden — the chaos at our southern border.

Recently, Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times wrote an article titled, “Safety nets for migrants repel Biden’s Black voters; support for border wall hits record high.”

“The politics of immigration have shifted as chaos at the border persists, according to a pollster who says black voters, in particular, are slipping away from President Biden over the issue,” the article began.

The pollster quoted was Raghavan Mayur, the president of a polling agency TIPP, and he discussed the recent trend of black men shifting support from Joe Biden to former President Donald Trump because of his rhetoric on the southern border.

“Now what is happening is that the government resources that used to go to help [black people] in cities, that is being diverted to migrants. They’re asking, ‘Hey, what’s happening? You guys are cutting this stuff, and you are spending it on migrants,'” Mayur told the Times.

Why is this a big deal and critical to understand?

Illegal immigration affects all parts of society, contributing to increased crime, spreading government dollars around and reducing the number of available jobs.

Because it affects all aspects of society, it’s easy to see why 45 percent of Americans see the border as a “crisis” and 32 percent consider it a “major problem,” according to a recent Pew poll. Furthermore, 47 percent of respondents agreed with Trump’s statement that illegal immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of America, according to a Poll.

To fully understand the left and exactly why this is happening, one must understand intersectionality and the left’s fixation with oppression narratives.

The left is always seeking victims who need the government to rescue them. Suppose they convince enough people they need to be rescued — pick a minority. In that case, they can create a demonizing force — think Republicans and conservatives — to hate. They then use their propaganda to ensure this minority hates their supposed oppressor and insist they need the Democrats to be their champion and their great equalizer in government.

There is only one problem with this strategy: You constantly need new victims and victim classes to believe you and buy into the propaganda that they can’t do it themselves.

Now, back to illegal immigration: The left knows they need a constant new set of victims to defend against their supposed oppressor. They believed they had the black vote sewn up forever and moved on to their next target, which was the poor immigrants crossing the southern border.

This was acceptable as long as the numbers were “manageable.” However, under the Biden administration, numbers have exploded, and there is no sign of the administration even slowing the border crisis down.

This now means black voters are competing with illegal immigrants for protection from the left, and the left is starving them of attention — making them share government monies, jobs and accommodations, especially in Democratic-run, large cities.

This chaos has created a massive opportunity for constitutional conservatives to make their case to black voters and potentially dramatically shift elections in this nation for the foreseeable future.

The argument is simple.

You can stay with the left, be a victim your whole life, and fight for the scraps they give you. You will be fighting for attention and benefits with every current oppressed class, including illegal immigrants, minorities and LGBT. However, bear in mind they are always looking for oppressed people, so that list will likely continue to grow because they always need people to feel oppressed.

Without a perceived oppressed classes, the left would never have power.

Or you have a second option. You can look for your local constitutional conservative and see where they stand on the issues. You will quickly find that not only do they not hate you, but that they also want what’s best for you. And here is the fantastic thing – YOU get to decide what’s best for you. Constitutional conservatives believe in the American Dream. That is the belief that you have one precious life, are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world and the only limit you have in life is the one you set for yourself.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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