Biden’s Ill-Timed Demand to Pass the ‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act’ Blows Up in His Face

Biden’s Ill-Timed Demand to Pass the ‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act’ Blows Up in His Face

In its 200-year existence, the Democratic Party has rarely served a noble purpose. From slavery and Indian removal to abortion and child mutilation, it has defended the indefensible by calling it morally good.

Friday morning on the social media platform X, users eviscerated President Joe Biden — or more likely the intern who manages Biden’s account — for insisting that Congress must honor Democrats’ favorite supposed martyr by adopting legislation that bears his name.

“Congress must pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act so we can make police reform the law of the land,” Biden wrote.

Floyd, of course, died in police custody on May 25, 2020. His death sparked a summer of Black Lives Matter riots and associated madness, including endless jeremiads about imaginary systemic racism.

Meanwhile, Democrats have not stopped exploiting those events in order to spin their own racist narratives.

Criticism of Biden came swiftly on Friday. And much of it focused on the honor Biden accorded Floyd while failing to mention 22-year-old murder victim Laken Riley.

On Feb. 22, 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, allegedly killed Riley on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Georgia. Ibarra crossed into the U.S. in Sept. 2022 as part of the historic border invasion Biden has enabled.

Many critics also noted that the race-baiting Biden lionized a black career criminal while ignoring a young white woman.

“How about the Laken Riley Justice in Border Security Act? Oh, never mind I forgot she was white and law-abiding,” one user tweeted.

“Biden continues to talk about a criminal who died from a possible drug overdose. Why won’t Biden talk about Laken Riley who was m*rdered by an illegal immigrant? Liberal policies have consequences,” another user wrote.

Another user noted that by sealing the border, Biden could have saved both Riley and any future George Floyds.

“If George Floyd and saving lives were your concern, you would fortify the border and stop the deluge of Fentanyl killing 100s of thousands of lives a year. But we know you are race baiting and have zero interest in saving lives,” the user tweeted.

Finally, a self-described “Former Democrat who got tired of the nonsense” posted images related to Floyd’s lengthy criminal history. These included multiple mugshots, a wanted poster and a felony-conviction judgment.

“@JoeBiden is still touting drug addicted, woman beating, criminal George Floyd as a hero. Here is a reminder of who @potus and @TheDemocrats consider to be a hero. PS: The coroner confirmed that he had COVID and fentanyl in his system,” the “Former Democrat” wrote in an accompanying tweet.

Neither Riley nor Floyd deserved to die. But one was a nursing student and the other a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to armed robbery. Democrats have told us which life mattered most to them.

In an interview posted to X on Oct. 20, Tucker Carlson spoke with author Vince Everett Ellison. Carlson first spent several minutes presenting evidence that Floyd, in fact, died not from police brutality but from a drug overdose.

Then, Carlson asked Ellison, who is black, to explain why Democrats have continued to lie and lionize Floyd.

“George Floyd is the Democratic Party’s prototypical black man. These are the black men they are trying to create, so George Floyd has to be elevated. He has to be celebrated,” Ellison said.

Indeed, the author did not mince words.

“He’s perfect to them. He was poor, he was uneducated, he was a drug addict, he didn’t have a job, he was — down there begging and crying and asking the white people to not kill him. To a Democrat — to a white Democrat — this is the perfect black man,” Ellison added.

Readers may view the relevant clip below. It begins around the 4-minute mark.

Two hundred years ago, Democrats touted Indian removal as good for the Indians. Then, they depicted slavery as good for the enslaved.

Today, they encourage young pregnant women to kill their unborn children. Or, if they do allow those children to live, they might mutilate them and call it “gender-affirming care.”

Thus, in the end, Democrats will always choose Floyd over Riley. They will always peddle lies and hate truth. And they will always celebrate evil by calling it good.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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