Biden’s Primary Challenger Dean Phillips Removes Safety Net, Goes All In on Defeating Joe

Biden’s Primary Challenger Dean Phillips Removes Safety Net, Goes All In on Defeating Joe

For Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota, it is either the White House or nothing.

Phillips, challenging President Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, announced in a news release Friday that he will step down from his seat.

“Seven years have passed, each presenting historic opportunities to practice a brand of optimistic politics that repairs relationships and improves people’s lives,” he said of his tenure in Congress.

Echoing his campaign slogan against Biden that it is time to turn over the reins, Phillips said of himself: “after three terms it is time to pass the torch.”

The congressman sounded a note of alarm about the country’s drift to intolerance.

“America has endured for a remarkable 246 years as the longest-lasting democratic republic in the world, but we are facing a crisis of cooperation, common sense, and truth,” Phillips said.

“Civility matters, respect matters, listening matters, and effective governance matters,” he said. “No party has a monopoly on solutions, and we must stop fighting one another and begin fighting for one another — before it is too late.”

The candidate concluded by saying, “The future is very bright, as long as we have the courage and make the choice to seek it.”

But Phillips has become persona non grata to many Democrats.

Biden loyalist and Democratic Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina said in a post on X in October that the congressman, who is focusing his campaign on New Hampshire, is “not respecting the wishes of the titular head of our Party and the loyalties of some of our Party’s most reliable constituents.”

Last week, Phillips walked back comments he made about Vice President Kamala Harris.

In an interview with The Atlantic, he was asked if Harris was ready to assume the presidency if need be.

“I think that Americans have made the decision that she’s not,” the congressman said.

“I hear from others who know her a lot better than I that many think she’s not well positioned, well prepared, of the right disposition, of the right competencies to execute that office,” Phillips said of Harris.


Referencing the low approval rating Harris receives in polls, he said, “It’s pretty clear … that she’s not somebody that people have faith in.”

Under fire from fellow Democrats over the remarks, Phillips backpedaled in an interview with CNN.

He also issued an apology on X.

Phillips said he “shouldn’t have referenced other people’s opinions. [I] own that and apologize to her and everyone who’s been affected by similar circumstances.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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