Biden’s Own Officials Rebel Against Him with Public Letter

Biden’s Own Officials Rebel Against Him with Public Letter

If you hire a kitchen full of vegan chefs, don’t be surprised when they refuse to serve steak.

The Biden administration is finding out what happens when a staff full of “woke,” anti-democracy left-wingers are forced to back a pro-democracy cause, such as fully supporting Israel’s right to exist.

There seems to be a mutiny taking place in President Biden’s administration as 400 employees from the administration have signed an open letter urging the president to push for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to NBC News.

The letter, released Tuesday, was signed by political appointees and civil servants across more than 30 federal departments and agencies, according to NBC.

Signatories reportedly include staff from the White House, State Department, Pentagon, Homeland Security and other key bodies. All signers have chosen to remain anonymous due to concerns over job security and retaliation, NBC reported.

“We represent a coalition of Biden-Harris Administration political appointees and civil servants, positioned across the domestic and foreign policy spheres, working in federal agencies, departments, independent agencies, and the White House,” the letter stated.

The letter called on President Biden to “urgently demand a ceasefire” and take steps towards de-escalation by securing the release of hostages, restoring basic utilities in Gaza, and sending humanitarian aid.

Two administration staffers who led outreach efforts for the letter told NBC that signatures came from senior and junior staff at multiple levels. Some have friends and family caught in the crossfire in Gaza and Israel. Many are said to feel conflicted about U.S. policy amid the ongoing violence.

This letter follows similar efforts by Democratic National Committee staff and congressional employees to push for a cease-fire.

The administration has ramped up outreach to Arab and Muslim groups to explain its response. Still, many staffers remain dissatisfied.

In October, Josh Paul, the State Department’s now-former director of congressional and public affairs, resigned from his position, according to Fox News.

He referred in his resignation letter to the Biden administration and much of Congress’s response to the conflict as “an impulsive reaction built on confirmation bias, political convenience, intellectual bankruptcy and bureaucratic inertia,” Fox reported.

This letter exposes the deep rift within the Democratic Party on Middle East policy. The large and very vocal progressive wing wants Biden to strongly condemn Israel’s actions and push for an immediate ceasefire. Others take a more sympathetic view of Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas rocket attacks. Biden is desperately trying to straddle the divide but pleasing no one.

The Israel conflict is a lose-lose for Biden, but the question is: How far will Biden go to appease the vocal pro-Palestinian voices within his coalition before capitulating completely? Will political self-preservation eventually override his already wavering support for Israel?

Biden is walking an increasingly precarious tightrope between maintaining long-standing pro-Israel policies and keeping his left flank on board.

The staffer letter is a vote of no-confidence from Biden’s own administration.

It’s a startling rebuke of his foreign policy from the very people who are meant to carry it out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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