Biden’s Interaction with Young Girl Is Giving People the Creeps: ‘How Old Are You? 11? Wow!’

Biden’s Interaction with Young Girl Is Giving People the Creeps: ‘How Old Are You? 11? Wow!’

Many Americans are once again being grossed out by President Joe Biden’s creepy behavior around young girls who are usually under the age of consent, this time as he visits folks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Biden visited a food bank and was seen handing out bags of apples to needy people. And a video shows that as he starred vacantly ahead, he suddenly spotted a young girl and lapsed right into his creepy Joe routine.

“How old are you?” he asked from behind the counter.

The girl apparently replied that she was eleven, because the president repeated her words.

Biden was in Philly on Monday’s Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday to join in on the National Day of Service to help pass out food to needy citizens, WCAU-TV reported.

It is notable that a pre-teen girl was the only thing that caught Joe’s attention in the room full of families looking to get some much-needed food assistance. But we have seen this creepy behavior from Biden before.

In June, he made an inappropriate comment about “knowing” actress Ava Longoria when she was 17 and he was 40.

He also caused her to recoil from him when he tried to put his hands all over her right there on stage.

In February, he made a beeline off the stage to creep on a little girl after another speech in Philly.

Biden has done this over and over again.

There really are just too many examples to cite them all. But any search for “creepy Joe” on any search engine will give you hours of creepy viewing.

Worse than all these recorded examples, though, is the excerpt from his own daughter’s diary where she allegedly said her father showered with her when she was young.

Joe Biden has a serious problem, and it isn’t just a recent development brought on by his mental decline. It has been going on for decades.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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