Biden’s DHS Pulling Agents Off Child Trafficking Cases, So They Can Go Make Food for Illegals

Grab the mayo and mustard folks. Border patrol is making sandwiches. They are being pulled off of drug trafficking, child trafficking, and every other major crime they are hired to work on to make sandwiches for illegal immigrants crossing the border. That is what one border patrol agent brought to Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s attention. In turn, Hawley brought the misuse of these agents to the attention of U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who did not deny the claim in a recent hearing. “Are there HSI special agents who are currently at the border having them pulled away from other cases?” Hawley asked of Mayorkas in a video shared on X. Mayorkas responded by diverting the answer in a wrong direction. A “bait and switch” tactic, Mayorkas purposely answered to make it seem as if those special agents were pulled off these cases to cope with the unprecedented fentanyl problem at the border. But that wasn’t what Hawley was implying at all. Mayorkas knew this. He was being purposefully deceptive in his response. Hawley met the diversion with a direct accusation. “That’s not what the special agent is alleging,” he continued. “She said that they are being taken off of fentanyl [addiction], off of child exploitation cases, off of their other investigations into criminals to make sandwiches. That’s her quote. You are saying that this is a lie, that she’s wrong?” Mayorkas sheepishly answered the senator’s claim while trying to reach for a reasonable answer: “Senator, we have a number of law enforcement priorities.” Hawley responded, “Is making sandwiches one of them?” Mayorkas, once again, tried to push off answering, denying by not saying anything definitive or concrete at all. Hawley refused to allow him to do so, rather forcing the secretary into a corner. “Is she wrong?” Hawley continued. The special agent and whistleblower described 600 agents being pulled off of critical cases to go down to the border to “babysit” and make sandwiches for illegal immigrants. The question is a pertinent and fair one to ask. Senator Josh Hawley grilled Secretary Mayorkas over it. “Senator, we use our personnel to achieve the maximum law enforcement objective possible. That is what we do …” replied Mayorkas. Hawley, smirked, said, “So you are not going to deny it.” Mayorkas answered by stating how proud he was of his agents and agency. Hawley could hardly believe his ears. “This is news. This is news.” Hawley hardly could contain his disgust. Secretary Mayorkas can’t deny it. As Hawley stated, “This is news.” But it is nothing new. The American people have come to expect this kind of nonsense from the Biden administration. Every agency is a joke. We’ve been left vulnerable as a nation, unprotected at the hands of our own government. Illegals are coddled, comforted, and cashing in on an agenda that has nothing to do with righting our nation, but destroying it. This lunacy is just another example. Shame on Biden and his entire administration.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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