Biden’s Attempted Joke During Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Is a Real Head-Scratcher

It’s bad enough when President Joe Biden gaffes his way through important news conferences with world leaders. At least then, he has to feign being on something resembling his A-game, even if he isn’t still all there. When he’s given the chance to go off-script at a low-level event — well, just look out. At the annual pre-Thanksgiving turkey pardoning at the White House on Monday, the president was given the opportunity to do that. Surprise of surprises, things did not turn out well. This year’s lucky birds were named Liberty and Bell who, Biden said, “had to work hard, to show patience and be willing to travel over a thousand miles.” “You can say that it’s even harder than getting a ticket to the Renaissance Tour or Britney’s tour,” he continued. “She’s down in — it’s kind of warm in Brazil right now,” he added. Conservative commentator Greg Price noted just how much the 81-year-old president got wrong in a few little words: So he might have thought Beyonce’s “Renaissance” world tour, which ended last month, was Britney Spears’, and he seemed to think that Britney had just made news by being in Brazil, like Taylor Swift. [firefly_poll] Thus, in one fell swoop, he was able to confuse three pop stars and conflate them as either one or two. Perhaps you’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it’s two, which is still a wrong answer. Who on earth would let him riff off-topic like this? Here’s the full gaffe, just in case you want to see if context changes this. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.) And by the way, let’s not forget part of why Swift’s “The Eras Tour” is making news in Brazil right now: On Friday, a fan at her concert in Rio de Janeiro died after falling unwell at the show, according to ABC News. But back to Biden: Perhaps this was just weird mumbling that had nothing to do with any of these pop stars. This is, after all, President Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier. Not saying that he meant any offense whatsoever, but wouldn’t this be something to stay away from if you’re a president who’s gaffe-prone? These, for instance, are clips of Biden’s agility at work limited to November 2023 alone: Is there even a question as to why Biden is having problems in the polls? America knows when it’s watching someone who’s simply not with it. Say what you will about Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, but he’s coherent. He lives in reality. His opponent can’t even get through a turkey pardoning ceremony without an odd gaffe.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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