As Biden WH Pushed ‘Trans Visibility Day,’ Look What Was Posted to the Spanish-Language Account

As Biden WH Pushed ‘Trans Visibility Day,’ Look What Was Posted to the Spanish-Language Account

What’s Spanish for “disgraceful cowardice”?

President Joe Biden’s White House, in full-election-season thrall to the leftist base of the Democratic Party, had no problem desecrating the holiest day on the Western Christian calendar this weekend by saluting a “Transgender Day of Visibility” taking place on Easter.

At least it had no problem in English. When it came to Spanish-language social media, as the Daily Caller reported Monday, it was a different story.

There, Biden and his re-election bosses didn’t even mention the left-wing holiday, no doubt knowing full well the Catholic faith remains a strong influence on the country’s Hispanic population — even, as a Pew report from 2023 indicates, if it’s not what it was.

As most Americans probably know by now, Biden issued a proclamation last week recognizing March 31 as something called “Transgender Visibility Day.”

It’s a day that trans activists have been pushing since 2009, as NPR reported last week, and this year fell by chance on what Christians in the Western world call Easter Sunday. (For most Eastern Orthodox sects, Easter will be May 5.)

That was an unfortunate, in some ways enraging, coincidence, at least for Christians, who didn’t need the most joyous day of the liturgical year besmirched by a movement that rejects one of the fundamental truths of Genesis — that “male and female He created them.”

It was also an unfortunate coincidence for “devout Catholic” Joe Biden, whose political career pretty much depends on a constant renunciation of what he claims to be his faith.

Biden has apparently squared away the inherent contradictions of a believing Catholic with the Democratic Party contemporary beliefs — primarily the elevation of abortion to the level of a secular sacrament.

But in an election year, his hypocrisy has a bigger and less gullible audience than the grinning jape in his bathroom mirror, and when it comes to Hispanic voters, “transgender visibility” is a no show for Biden’s White House.

On Sunday, the whiz kids behind Biden’s account on the social media platform X published a cheerful Easter greeting from Joe and first lady Jill Biden at 9 a.m. Eastern, followed by a 1 p.m. Eastern post saluting the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” (The White House clearly thinks transgenders enthusiasts get up late. It’s a good bet it would know.)

Those were in English — the language of affluent liberals who make up the backbone of the contemporary Democratic Party.

But when it came to the Spanish version of the X account, it was a different story.

There, the Biden-Harris operatives at La Casa Blanca confined themselves to wishing all a “Feliz Pascua” (“Happy Easter”) and, in a particularly pandering touch, recognizing Cesar Chavez Day to honor the late Hispanic labor organizer.

But not a word about Biden’s dedication to the idea that men can truly change into women simply by putting on a skirt and high heels. (Or by simply claiming to be a woman without even a glam getup.)

It seems that the Hispanic voting base Democrats are targeting aren’t maybe quite as liberal as the Oberlin grads that make up the activist ranks.

The conservative social media account End Wokeness seemed to have touched a nerve when it flagged the omission:

This isn’t just about ethnic pandering — the kind that’s been part of American elections since the Founding. It’s about outright deception in who the Democratic Party’s figurehead leader is and what he stands for.

If Biden believes the illogical, immoral, scientifically unsound idea that human sex is a malleable matter rather than innate fact, he should be able to say so in any language.

If he’s saying it in English only to appease an increasingly radical leftist base (the same forces that are pushing him to abandon Israel), but doesn’t actually believe it, he’s an even bigger disgrace to his office than he’s appeared.

And if, as seems likely, he’s comfortable with saying in English what he can’t say in Spanish, it’s the deceptive politics of the worst sort.

Thanks to Google translate, there’s an answer to the question that started this post. It’s “cobardía vergonzosa.”

As the past three years have shown, from the abject surrender in Afghanistan in 2021 to the craven foreign policy that invited the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 to the ongoing catastrophe on the United States’ southern border, that phrase is something else, too.

It’s another way of saying “Joe Biden.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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