Biden Tells Newsom He Could Have His Job: ‘One Hell of a Governor’

Biden Tells Newsom He Could Have His Job: ‘One Hell of a Governor’

Think about this clearly: Is any other Democratic elected official being waved in front of our noses like California Gov. Gavin Newsom? Anyone?

You have to be naive to believe that it is a coincidence that Newsom’s name keeps coming up as a possible replacement for President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race, or that Newsom keeps zipping around our nation and the world on business that truly has nothing to do with merely running his state. Nothing more than any other state, that is.

Other governors aren’t flying to China and sitting down with President Xi Jinping for a conversation.

Newsom is, which can only mean one thing.

The Democratic Party is either hedging its bets or already has decided on replacing Biden as the 2024 nominee. Why else would they be treating Newsom like a debutante?

Biden might even have been directed by the party to lay the groundwork for the switch.

This could explain why he said at Wednesday’s welcome reception for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders, “I want to talk about Governor Newsom. I want to thank him. He’s been one hell of a governor, man. Matter of fact, he could do anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for.”

Biden didn’t just say that because the reception was being held in San Francisco, I suspect. Nor did he do so because Newsom deserves the credit.

It seems most likely he did it because Democrats put their party first and the individual second. That is what Biden is doing here.

It can’t be because the president really believes that Newsom is good at his job. California is a mess.

The massive homeless population, out-of-control crime, drug epidemic, left-wing policies, escalating taxes and high cost of living are driving residents and businesses to flee to other states in droves. Included in this are the wealthiest among them.

The state is hemorrhaging more residents than it is gaining. It is falling apart in significant ways, and the governor bears much of that blame.

Newsom has been participating in its spiral downward since he was the mayor of San Francisco in 2004. He then rose to lieutenant governor of California in 2011 and to governor in 2019.

Now look at things.

Other than during this reception when they suddenly and miraculously cleaned it, San Francisco is overrun by tent cities and drug-addicted homeless people crumpled over like zombies. It is very sad.

Even sadder is the possibility that Newsom could become our next president and what that would mean for the United States and our future.

Given the legal circumstances surrounding Biden right now, not to mention the 80-year-old president’s questionable cognizance and health, don’t dismiss the notion that this could be the Democrats’ plan.

When it comes to remaining in power, the party will stop at nothing, even if it means chucking Biden aside and marching Newsom through the door.

The president’s approval rating stands at a paltry 39 percent, according to the recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

What’s more, his gaffes seem to be growing more visible. The increased prominence may just be because they are no longer being hidden by the party as it moves toward a presidential candidate switch.

Understandably, a point may come when a new Democratic candidate needs to be chosen. They know Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t it.


Newsom is like a shiny new penny for them — very smart, very cooperative and very ambitious. He looks the part of a president. He is also being handled very strategically, slowly and methodically being paraded about so as not to cause a “shock to the system” if the need to trade places with Biden arises.

In the meantime, Democrats are gauging how he plays in Peoria, so to speak.

They already know how he will play in China. That is what his weeklong visit there in October was all about.

They will now carry on running parallel for a bit — at least until the moment they need to pull the trigger and make the swap. If it does, they have their man.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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