Biden Sits Idly as Reporters Get Shepherded out of Room, Then Smirks as He Insults Them All

So much for respect for a free press. President Joe Biden slighted the White House press pool as a staffer rudely shepherded them out of a White House conference room on Tuesday. Biden was attending a meeting of the pro-abortion “Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access.” In a downright ugly scene, a Biden administration staffer shouted at members of the media who were barraging the president with questions. “We need you all to move! Thank you very much! We need you guys to move!” Biden smugly smiled as he criticized the media for daring to question him. “Among the only press in the world that does this,” he muttered under his breath. “Seriously,” the president whined, aggravated that the establishment media’s softball journalists would dare to question him. These weren’t even tough questions. One journalist managed to pose a question to Biden as she was escorted out, asking him if Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker should be disqualified. Truly a hard-hitting question for a Democrat to answer, right? It’s likely Biden realized that his criticism of the press was caught on the hot mic, but he’s cursed the media under his breath before. Biden called Fox News’ Peter Doocy a “son of a b****” for daring to question him on the political ramifications of inflation in January. It’s not exactly a coincidence that the media has to harangue Biden to answer questions in his relatively rare public appearances. The 79-year-old president doesn’t provide reporters with frequent opportunities to question him. Biden gave a mere 10 interviews to members of the media in his first nine months in office — a pittance compared to his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. Trump gave 57 interviews in the same timeframe. This isn’t the first time Biden administration muscle has escorted journalists out of White House premises as they try to ask questions. White House staffers even cut off former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson when ordering the media out of the Oval Office during a September 2021 event. [firefly_embed] [/firefly_embed] A White House press corps association has rebuked the Biden administration for its onerous screening requirements for members of the media and refusal to provide press access, according to the New York Post. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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