Biden Scolds the Media, Tells Journalists to Start Reporting ‘The Right Way’

Biden Scolds the Media, Tells Journalists to Start Reporting ‘The Right Way’

President Joe Biden is lashing out at the news media amid his lagging poll numbers and deepening unpopularity.

The 81-year-old Democrat claimed the media is distorting the state of the economy as he departed the White House on Saturday for Camp David, according to Fox News.

“All good,” Biden said in response to a journalist’s question about next year’s economic prospects. “Take a look. Start reporting it the right way.”

Despite the assurances from Biden and left-wing media outlets that the economy is strong, the “Bidenomics” agenda has become a stain on the president’s record.

His tenure has coincided with rampant inflation, fueling price hikes that have left many Americans poorer and unable to build wealth.

The housing market has become especially punitive under Biden, according to Forbes.

“Home sales are at lows not seen since 2008, and 2023 is on pace to be the least affordable time to buy a home on record,” the outlet reported this month.

Biden’s economic performance could be one factor dragging him down in the polls ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Voters in critical swing states prefer former President Donald Trump’s handling of the economy to that of Biden, according to a New York Times/Siena poll released in November.

That discontent stretches across partisan lines.

According to a recent Fox News poll, a 61 percent majority of Democrats agree with Republicans and independents that the economy is in bad shape.

The incumbent president trails in a potential rematch with Trump by more than 2 percentage points, according to the Real Clear Polling aggregate.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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