Biden Says Republicans Are Taking Credit for ‘Bldhyindclapding’ – Even the WH Has No Idea What He Meant

I solemnly promise you, President Joe Biden — despite the fact I’m a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, I will not countenance any Republican who tries to take credit for bldhyindclapding. Sure, the race may be close. Sure, withholding my vote is, in a small way, enabling you to enact your radical tax-and-spend agenda, President Biden. But, no — if I hear any Republican trying to earn plaudits by saying he supported bldhyindclapding when he did nothing of the sort, I’m staying home on Election Day. What is bldhyindclapding, necessarily? That’s a good question. Not even the White House seems to know. Which is fascinating, because the president seemed to think it was an awfully salient point to use against the GOP during a speech at a Democratic National Committee event on Friday. The neologism was trotted out as Biden was touting his bipartisan infrastructure bill, which he said “we did get some Republican help for” and which was “the most significant investment in America since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System,” according to a White House transcript. “Now, Repub- — some Republicans voted for it, and some were critical,” he said. “But the truth is there’s a lot more Republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those bldhyindclapding than actually voted for it.” Of course, that’s not exactly how the White House scored it in the official transcript. It didn’t make any sense there, either, although it didn’t leave people rolling in laughter like the actual clip did. [firefly_poll] “But the truth is there’s a lot more Republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those (inaudible) that are collapsing than actually voted for it,” the transcript read. Yeah, I don’t think anyone is out on the campaign trail taking credit for things that are collapsing — except perhaps for the Democrats, who continue to insist the economy is doing just dandy. But if “(inaudible) that are collapsing” is how the White House wants to parse “bldhyindclapding,” far be it from me to stop them. Sure, why not? This isn’t the first time the president has slurred his speech in a way that made context difficult to understand. Here’s a list of some of his greatest hits over the past few years: And that wasn’t the only classically weird Biden gaffe during Friday’s speech. Here he is addressing a member of the audience. “We go back a long way. She was 12; I was 30.” Wonderful. When photos of the president appearing to sniff the hair of young girls has become a grotesque meme, maybe that was something Biden should have avoided. But, of course, he also hasn’t avoided it in other situations, either. Here was an exchange between him a 9-year-old girl last month: In the space of the same speech, he managed to sound incoherent and inappropriate. The president, in other words, is hitting all the squares on the Biden bingo card. “Bidenese is the hardest language to learn on earth,” one Twitter user said. We couldn’t agree more. After all, if one is to judge by the White House transcripts, so many different words seem to translate to “(inaudible).” But don’t worry, Mr. President. I won’t be voting for any Republican trying to take credit for bldhyindclapding. Or “(inaudible),” if that’s what it is in English. You can count on me. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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