Biden Repeatedly Struggles to String a Sentence Together Until Reporter Bails Him Out

Biden Repeatedly Struggles to String a Sentence Together Until Reporter Bails Him Out

It’s not easy to keep pointing out that President Joe Biden is losing the mental capacity it takes to make a baloney sandwich, much less run a country.

But the American people have the right to know.

The president seems to be struggling to find words, flubbing simple sentences, and losing himself in the middle of thoughts on a regular basis, and yet the White House pretends like there’s nothing going on.

It’s evil to put a man his age through this.

But worse than that, it’s incredibly dangerous to the rest of the country.

On Tuesday, Biden struggled painfully through a speech urging Congress to pass the disastrous border bill cooked up in the Senate.

But his worst moment came when he clearly couldn’t remember the name of the murderous terrorist group that attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

In response to a question about negotiations to free hostages taken in the attack, Biden seemed to blank out and then stall for time by mumbling incoherently as he searched his brain for the word “Hamas.

“There is some movement … there’s been a response … and I don’t wanna … I don’t wanna … well, maybe excuse my words …,”  Biden said.

Then, as if resetting himself, he tried again.

“There’s some movement … there’s been a response …from the …,” he said a second time, unable to find the word he needed.

“There’s been a response,” Biden repeated a third time, “from … the opposition …but uh …”

At this point, as the White House transcript notes, a member of the media prompted Biden with the word he was looking for.

“Hamas?” the reporter asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry …,” Biden said, finally making the connection. “…. From Hamas.”

“But it seems to be a little over the top … we’re not sure right now … there’s continuing negotiation right now,” he said.

Ironically, the words Biden said right before he seemed to go into “buffering” mode in front of the entire world was speaking about the very concern most Americans feel when they look at Biden in that condition.

He said the border bill — officially known as the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act — “indirectly has a lot to do with what’s going on with the hostage deal and what’s going on in the Middle East.” Biden said, referring to , which Republicans in the House have said is “dead on arrival.”

“The decision on what we do relative to Israel … the decision on what we do in terms of American funding … of whether we’re going to engage with the situation in Ukraine.”

“It all goes to the question of American power,” Biden said.

The bill’s chances in the Senate are uncertain. And if it even reaches the House, it’s already been pronounced “dead on arrival” by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

But there’s more at stake here than just a bill getting through Congress.

Watching the president of the United States unable to remember a word that probably every child in America knows by this point goes directly to the question of American power.

It emboldens our enemies when it becomes clear that the man, supposed to be at the helm, is not all there.

Mark Stone, a host on the U.K. channel Sky News, responded to the clip on X, writing, “This, from President Biden, tells us something about how the negotiations between Israel & Hamas are going. ”

“It also, frankly, shows why so many in America and beyond are concerned about the age of the American president who is insisting on running again.”

Clay Travis, co-host of the conservative talk radio program “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” wrote in an X post:

“Joe Biden isn’t doing the CBS Super Bowl interview because he legit can’t speak.

“This is elder abuse. Each day it gets worse. No way he makes it as the nominee in November. No way,” he added.

Travis was referring to the fact that Biden has opted not to sit down for the traditional interview that presidents give to the network hosting the Super Bowl.

Former President Donald Trump blasted Biden’s decision to opt out of a Super Bowl interview on CBS, and added an offer of his own.

“Crooked Joe Biden has just announced that he will not be doing the big Super Bowl Interview,” he wrote on the social media platform Truth Social. “A great decision, he can’t put two sentences together. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO REPLACE HIM – would be “RATINGS GOLD!

Meanwhile, the White House continues to cover for Biden.

During a news briefing on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question about another flub the president made when he told a story over the weekend about talking since his 2020 election to French President Mitterand.

Mitterand died in 1996.

“I’m not going to even go down that rabbit hole,” Jean-Pierre responded.

The White House may want to avoid the “rabbit hole,” but it’s clear every day that Joe Biden is definitely at the tea party.

His mind vacillates between reality and fantasy, the dead and the living — often signs of dementia and advanced age.

Concern for Biden’s well-being aside, there are far more grave concerns about the perception of the United States in the eyes of the world and the conversations being had behind closed doors by evil regimes that smell weakness.

And weakness is the opposite of power.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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