Biden Refuses to Ride Bus with Kings and Emperors, Instead Takes Massive Motorcade to Queen’s Funeral

President Joe Biden’s refusal to ride a bus with other world leaders emerged as a point of contention Monday amid the gathering of dignitaries for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. As reported by Politico, the many world leaders who were coming to the queen’s funeral were initially told they could not all travel in private vehicles but would ride together on a bus. The rules also banned helicopter travel in London as a way of getting to the funeral at Westminster Abbey. “Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus?” Politico reported that one London-based foreign ambassador based in London wrote in a WhatsApp message. In the end, the rule was relaxed, Politico reported: British officials said decisions about Biden’s travel would be left to him. The website London World reported Biden was seen on Saturday traveling in “The Beast,” the presidential vehicle, as part of a massive motorcade driving through a London suburb. Video emerged Monday of Biden entering Buckingham Palace grounds by motorcade while other leaders arrived on a bus.

Christina, Gallardo, a report for Politico Europe, noted that catering to Biden rubbed other world leaders raw.

“This emboldened disgruntled leaders to reject the VIP buses and demand ‘the Biden treatment’ citing various reasons including old age and security,” she tweeted.

According to The Sun, some world leaders took their transportation in stride. “I don’t think the bus warrants too much fuss,” New Zealand Prime Minister  Jacinda Ardern said Sunday. Canadian Prine Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that “a lot of great conversations happen on the bus.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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